Opinion  Nahum Barnea
The media truly won't decide the elections
Nahum Barnea
Published: 21.01.19, 23:48
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1. The truth hurts ya, Nahum.
Jake   (01.21.19)
The media doesn't "inform" and "educate".
It tries to be the tail that wags the dog, even if that means bending or hiding the truth.
If a car maker makes a faulty car, it could be a death trap on the road.
But if a newspaper sells "fake news", it's just another day in the business.
The fact that voters simply don't trust you ppl anywhere is making you redundant and afraid.
2. Society corruption? Media is the outside symptom!
Avram Goldsmith ,   Toronto -Kiriat Gat   (01.22.19)
Media is the only "industry" which doesn"t bear consequience of all the "intellectual crimes" commited, free to jump on every source which is in allignement with idheological affilation, and instead to report you have an idheological gambit which will twist the information to satisfy their idheological purpose. There is not scrupules or ethics involved in this profession of journalism which in those day became the OLD CHARLTANISM motto; to make from BS gold?
3. Blame the media, Blame the Lefties, Blame the AG =Trump
miki ,   jerusalem   (01.22.19)
4. Times they are a changin, Nahum and for the better too!!!!
5. Totalitarian regimes always attack the media
Shachar ,   Eilat   (01.24.19)
Bibi has been styling himself as a dictator for some time now. He knows his base wants a dictator and that he needs to act the part to remain PM and out of jail. But bending the gatekeepers is proving difficult so he is turning to incitement and discrediting the system....the same system he has been in charge of for the last 10 years.
6. Both countries have a long history of fake media
Just this week CNN posted 4 fake stories and many others join in.

Its not hard to find blatant lies on the pages of most media, on a regular basis, including this one.

Media also tends to block criticism of its articles when it sheds light on the misinformation and fake news.
7. Majority hate the Media That Spat on them for 5o years
TheArogantLeft ,   Jerusalem   (01.24.19)
The “ mainstream” media still doesn’t get It this is payback time by the people for the way the Facist Tel Aviv Elite spat on all that is sacred for most Jews degraded and ridiculed them the rage has been building abd building the Likud failed its own supporters by not helping create a Pro Zionist TV Channel just one instead stood by while the media spat on its own supporters
Shame on the Likud The justified rage is long overdue in coming
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