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'If you're black in Israel, you're scared to walk down the street'
Vered Goldman
Published: 26.01.19, 00:22
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1. It is ashame but....
Scott ,   USA   (01.26.19)
judging what happens so much in America, when a black is killed by authorities doing their job, the black community rallies around the victim and makes it sound like he was a Rhoads Scholar and choir boy at the same time. There is much of that in this article
2. Somehow the headline strikes me as not truthful, but then
I'm not dark skinned in any way....
But I think this works both ways.
Being called 'ashkenazift' (Ashekanzifilth) does happen from time to time.
Do we get shot at? I don't know, probably not.
Our streets are damn safe, anywhere, anytime,
unless there's a "Palestinian" ready to 'free" what he regards as his/her land...
Then we're in trouble.
3. Oh really?! Try USA...
4. Israelis have special relationship with their police
They put a lot of faith and trust into their police and security guards. Such a relationship does not exist anywhere else. While admirable, it also makes discussion about the cases of abuse of force more complicated. One should not criticize the work of the police, because "they are giving us security". Yes, most of them are. But, just as everywhere else in the world, there are some policemen, security staff or intelligence agents, who are part of the problem, instead of being a solution to it. The time has come to stop this "religion of security" and scrutinize the police work. Your security forces need a proper feedback from the society, so that their work can improve and make you even safer.
5. Hysterical exaggeration.
steve ,   beer Sheva   (01.26.19)
If he really feels this way maybe he should leave this country for the' paradise' of Europe or Africa. Certainly his hysterical exaggerations do not help.
In Beer Sheva where I live we see black and coloured people everywhere;:no one seems 'scared' to go out. My own son in law is of Yemeni origins and he is prospering very nicely.
But we should thank this man for giving BDS ammunition to demonise us.
6. No surprise, In Yeshivot,kids learn that blacks are animals
Amira Oron ,   Tel Aviv   (01.26.19)
7. We must admit, racism is part and parcel of Judaism
Elyaho Ben Shalom ,   HAIFA   (01.26.19)
9. Utter nonsense and a Blood Libel
YNETBloodLibel ,   Jerusalem   (01.26.19)
Ethiopian Jews have received more financial and educational advantages than any other immigrant group they are represented in every
walk of life in the army in the police even a female Ethiopian Pilot hustcreceived hee wings this week
There intermarriage and friendships between all walks
What utter vile nonsense Every immigrant group has its beginning problems with a new society There is also a criminal element like in every society One if the most disappointing aspects however was the almost total abandonment of Jewish Tradition almost upon arrival ..
10. Bagel wih racism is Jews' daily diet.
Truth   (01.26.19)
Why is anybody surprised about the raw racism in Israel? I am not.
11. We are ALL the House of Israel
דניאל שיר ,   Fort Lauderdale   (01.27.19)
This article has broken my heart and I pray some of it is exaggerated. If not, then things need to be done to affect change! All Israelis cannot remain silent. I can understand when families exaggerate when crying out in pain and blame anyone and everyone, but after the demonstrations in Tel Aviv from the Ethiopian community I had hoped for change. I understand that in every community there can be issues, but if Ethiopians are being targeted when doing nothing, this must stopped.... even if the minority are doing it to them, the majority cannot remain silent. if they do, then we are no better than the Europeans who remained silent in our time of need during the Shoah. Of course, this is not the same, but we cannot remain silent when we see injustices.
12. It's the same everywhere
SML ,   Boston, USA   (01.27.19)
Too many cops are thugs with a military mindset and training. Israel, the US - same thing. If you're the "other" you're trash and treated as such. Not all of them but far too many.
13. If White in South Tel Aviv your scared to walk the streets
RealityCheck ,   Jerusalem Israel   (01.27.19)
lets put some balance into this very biased article Ethiopians
have benefited more than any other immigrant group and sadly
they have abandoned almost entirely any connection to the Jewish
Tradition they say they so fervently adhered to in Ethiopia further
distancing themselves from general Jewish society.. take Ethiopian
and not Hebrew names ditto Russian "Jews" wear Ethiopian colored
hats and scarfs ...whats going on here ?! Many Arabs laugh at them
being called "Jews" as they see them running and praying at the
churches in the Old City of Jerusalem . One in ten observes Jewish Tradition .Israel might be filling
up with "bodies " non Jewish Ethiopians and Ukrainians to boost its population but its loosing its legitimacy as a truly Jewish Homeland for Jews with a specific culture in the eyes of more and more of the world
14. Several Years ago I met a black lady from Israel here in
Al   (01.27.19)
Montreal at the Jewish Public library. We started talking.

She bitched up a storm of how she felt discriminated against in Israel.

In Canada she felt welcomed by the local Jews.

I told her that as she had already left Israel, she can stay in Canada where she can continue schnorring from the Jews in Canada.

I listed a slew of Jewish organizations that would readily help her as she was obviously so unique and special.

She listened attentively and took notes.

She obviously learned to be an Israeli.

She learned to be a schnorrer.

Israel needs people who care for the country. Mocchers schnorrers whiners are free to leave no matter what colour they are.
15. If Riots are Violent it will end Ethiopian Immigration
RealityCheck ,   Jerusalem   (01.28.19)
The Israeli Public is becoming more and more threatened
by what it sees is importation of the Black American violence
of America and more calls are being heard to halt any more
Ethiopians Racism of course exists but on a very very small scale
Here What is alarming is the almost total abandonment of Judaism by the majority of Ethiopians who only a few years ago claimed to be so devout while in Ethiopia now many are questioning their Judaism and seeing
them as Ecomonic Oportunists Let’s see what the demonstration brings coexistence or alienation from the Israrl majority
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