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How Iran walked into Israel's trap
Alex Fishman
Published: 22.01.19, 23:27
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1. 4 better or worse this is likely just 1 chapter in long book
Rafi ,   US   (01.23.19)
2. Always Some Mini-War Before Elections
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (01.23.19)
3. a totally unnecessary bragging article.
jochair thijssen ,   Kfar Saba Israel   (01.23.19)
this article true or not provides too much information to Iran.What if we need to use the same tactics again.?
4. Unfortunartely little to brag about here... Neither Iran nor
Rafi ,   US   (01.24.19)
Russia is going away from Syria anytime soon.

In fact look at WHO IS GOING AWAY... the USA! thanks to the grossly incompetent STABLE GENIUS.

Strategically all of the above places Israel in a very difficult box...
5. fuzzy thinking
shloime ,   toronto   (01.29.19)
lebanon is already at war with israel, btw, and has been since 1948. and iran probably doesn’t care how much damage lebanon incurs in the next round of fighting, because that’s what proxies are for.

the real question is how best to deal with the iranian threat. the answer seems to be in changing the policy, or the policymakers, in tehran. and the timing should be sooner, rather than later, as the ayatollah is building more and bigger weapons with which to attack.

but all of that is common sense, and requires no insider knowledge.
6. not Bravo
This is an attempt to present ME and especially
Israel's actions as part of a well designed strategy.
There are too many assumptions from the reporter's
side. For example, not effort was payed to present the
Russian and the American involvement.
7. All Israeli news about Iran is fake propoganda
The Parsi ,   Herzliya   (03.14.19)
to make israeli's feel safe when in fact iran will attack sooner or later.
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