Spate of break-ins leaves Israelis in Jordan Valley feeling exposed and fearful
Elisha Ben Kimon
Published: 23.01.19, 18:46
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Why do you think the Torah commands us to evict the palestinians from our land or else they will make our lives hell !
2. a pair of helicopters could be flown by civilians maybe?
two bell style helicopters would work better than a police car. if you ipm heat exchanger in the ground, under where the fence with a granite gutter on either side and copper coated c-channel the posts for the fence could be a bolt that goes through the c-channel and grounded in concrete below the heat exchanger and run the anodes up through the posts to the fence so when they go to cut the fence they are cutting an electric main. Driving a truck through it might still be an issue but the coverage of two helicopters would work better because you could use two pilots and two patrol officers
and run anodes up to copper rail attached to the fence then when they go to cut the fence, it would be visible from a good distance away. If the fence is not struck the current can be dumped into the areaŹ»s power grid or kept circulating around the fence.
3. No security cameras? No guard dogs? NO COMMON SENSE?
David ,   Hartford USA   (01.23.19)
What's with these people? Forget the police- this is your property and your equipment- hire some armed guards or form a citizen patrol and guard your own property. Tiny electronic location detection devices can be attached to all your large equipment and the theft can be easily tracked down and recovered. If you make no attempt to protect your property, why should the police?

The second the electronic fence registered trouble, did a dozen residents get the notification and run to see what was going on? Everyone older than 21 has completed Army duty and knows how to use a weapon, so how is this still happening?

Start acting like adults and protect your farms and equipment. If a couple people have to do guard duty during the evening, then let's get to it!

Get some night vision cameras and install them all over the moshav and have somebody monitor the cameras every minute. The idea is to outsmart the foxes. Are you up to it?
4. Settlers should be deputized.If not then vigilantes.
Sam ,   Montreal   (01.23.19)
It is unacceptable that settlers can't live in peace and quiet.
5. schmucks!!
geroge   (01.23.19)
arm yourselves with guns, and dogs and shoot break in thieves.

hire private contractors to do patrols. again-shoot anyone breaking in.
6. Arabs are scourge to both themselves and others, oh well....
7. Break in , make my day !
oleg ,   florida   (01.25.19)
9. Volunteer for HaShomer HaChadash
Bar Star ,   Jerusalem   (01.27.19)
organization that protects Jewish farmers. They need our help.
10. Guard dogs?
What about guard dogs?
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