Israeli youth imprisoned in Egypt for 'offending a woman's honor'
Ittai Shickman, Itamar Eichner
Published: 23.01.19, 15:04
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1. he could be
desi ,   london   (01.23.19)
guilty, too, you make it sound like it's all fake
2. Because he is not Jewish but an Arab.
Jesus ,   NYNY   (01.23.19)
3. Israeli Arabs are not sex offenders
roxanne ,   haifa   (01.25.19)
I have never heard of such behavior, especially among Bedouins. Im sure it happens on occasion but this is not a behavior one encounters with them.
4. SO interesting...Zzzzzzzzzz
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (01.26.19)
5. bedouin or not, don't grope.
the case has become diplomatic, and bureaucracy can't decide, thus takes time, The boy will get out, it is not Israels fault.
6. Offensive Behavior in Water Park
Nina ,   Haifa   (05.25.19)
It is surprising that this female and male were even in the park at the same time sharing the water slide...usually women and men are segregated for all activities...and if the young lady was from such a traditional family , why was she there? Even if it was a coed family park? If their honor code is so strict and the sexes are always segregated, those people who think that that could have prevented these type of incidents by not going...leave the coed park to people that are more modern or relaxed or less paranoid in their behavior
7. Why it is taking so long to release him?????
smokeonwater   (07.12.19)
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