Jewish teen charged with manslaughter over death of Palestinian woman
Ynet reporters
Published: 24.01.19, 09:19
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1. Round up all Pals throwing stones at Gaza border+put in jail
Sam ,   Montreal   (01.24.19)
They should be arrested for attempted murder.
2. Let's see if he receives more time than Ahed Tamimi
and her slap.

These Hilltop youth are nothing but terrorists. And a mark against our people.
3. 4.5 lb rock hitting your head at 50 mph is a death sentence.
David ,   Hartford USA   (01.24.19)
The lawyers are all questioning the 'intent.' The intent was to inflict bodily injury or death.

Is the teenager going to say, "I willfully threw the rock at the windshield of the moving vehicle to see what would happen. I never thought anything bad could happen?" Really?

This Jewish terrorist had a rock in his hand and waited for the Arab vehicle to approach. This is premeditated murder, nothing less.

I fully expect Israel to demolish this terrorist's house. I don't care if he has 10 siblings and a kosher mother and father. A woman is murdered in front of her family and that cannot be pushed aside.

I go hiking in the woods all the time, but the chances of a specific rock having my DNA on it is zero. ZERO. If this kid's DNA is on the rock, lock him up and throw away the key. For a religious kid, he seems to have missed the most important lessons. Now how is that possible?

Tear down his house. It's only fair. Justice under the law is equal for all, right?
4. DNA can be planted, but if he did it jail is the answer.
Time for the Israeli government to take a stand against all rock throwers, this will only get worse as tensions grow on both sides. For years it has been almost exclusively Arabs attacking Jews, instead of allowing Jews to joining the terrorising there must be an immediate crackdown.

139 terror attacks against Jews this year in Israel. 44 just in the past week.
And these are only the reported ones.
5. scum
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