Istanbul synagogue offers worshipers helmets for their protection
Itamar Eichner
Published: 24.01.19, 22:07
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1. m
moishe   (01.24.19)
time for all Jews to leave Turkey. Erdogan has turned Turkey and people into a Nazi-type state. Turks will pay the price of democracy and economic well being as Erdogan drags Turkey down with his evil policies. Israel leaders must protest. I suspect they want less to do with Turkey as time goes on. leadership of a country is important. can make decent people and economy bad. there are too many example that grow in number each year.
2. How exactly are helmets supposed
to protect from antisemites? Erdogan is a bloody antisemite, no doubt about that, but are you sure that these helmets aren’t there for some other reason?
3. Simply false facts
Sami ,   Istanbul   (01.25.19)
Im a jew from Turkey i remember when helmets were put in every synagogue and every household in Turkey. But the fact is they were put after the 1999 Yalova earthquake that devastated a part of Istanbul. Israel knows well about this earthquake since they sent Turkey rescue teams. A simple queation to the rabbinate in Turkey would have answered your questions about thehelmets which has nothing to do with terror and antisemitism in Turkey. These false news only harm fight agains antisemitism in Turkey.please remove these false news
4. Erdogans' Turkey is not a friendly place for Jews.
5. Turkish Jews not only in denial but humiliating themselves
TotalMadness ,   Jerusalem   (01.27.19)
And all Jews ....leave before it’s too late
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