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Global anti-Semitism report: 2018 saw most deadly attacks on Jews in 25 years
Sara MIller
Published: 27.01.19, 12:47
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1. What’s surprising or shocking here? Muslims up-Jews out!
2. Muslims don't want us here,you think they'll love us there?!
3. Statistics do nothing for me. Resistance does.
4. there are a lot of jews
desi ,   lyon   (01.27.19)
among the yellow vests. the hospital workers part of the movement is led by people of jewish ancestry or religion. Please don't generalize on the basis of a stupid thing you found on the internet, that's lame. the yellow vests are NOT an antisemitic movement.
5. Thank G-d in America
the Democrats took back the House.

With Trump in power, we can expect the rise to continue. Until the state of Israel ends the occupation, stops the settlement building, the Jews in diaspora will suffer in Diaspora as a result.

Hareidi Rabbi author of The Empty Wagon, said in an interview that Zionism is the enemy of Judaism and he's right.

HaShem put us in exile, HaShem will take us out.
6. Leftists Communists Democrat Party USA
Peter Ross ,   Telaviva   (01.27.19)
Leftists Communists Democrat Party USA

Maybe the dumb useful idiots should start voting Republican
7. It's so sad and shameful ...
Eleonora Oldani ,   Cairo   (01.28.19)
... to say the least that of the approx. 11 Million innocent people killed in the Holocaust only the approx. 6 Million Jews are known to the masses. Very few are aware - and commemorate - the equally brutal murdering of additional approx. 5 Mio innocent people. Until it is common knowledge that "Holocaust = 11 Million innocent people brutally murdered" we continue to live in denial that almost 50% of the Holocaust victims were not Jewish and, hence, we fuel the myth that only people of the Jewish faith were targeted. Why do we need to single out any religion? Are we truly not able to simply mourn the vanishing of 11 Million innocent victims of the Nazi regime?!
8. In 2018,Jews murdered100sof mon-Jews,We R Nazis of our time
Amira Oron ,   Tel Aviv   (01.28.19)
9. Deadly Attacks
chutia ,   new delhi, india   (02.13.19)
What about the "deadly attacks" on the palestinians by the jews??? Another holocaust in the making?
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