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The Chamber of the Holocaust, Israel's obscure memorial
Published: 27.01.19, 22:23
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1. "Last Battle Museum" Old City has even been closed:
NationOfFools ,   Jerusalem Israel   (01.28.19)
There was a small museum in the Jewish Quarter that told the story
of the battle for the Old City and the expulsion of the Jews from
Jerusalem that most of the world didn't know about and still doesn't know about
You would think it would be a large and advertised site to visit but instead
It was so small people passed it by most of the time it was closed
but it had a powerful message yet now it is gone Sometimes you have to
wonder in this country why they do such terrible stupid things
2. I visited in 2017 Yad Vashem
MrReason ,   Berlin   (01.29.19)
In 2017 I have visited Yad Vashem the first time. My family lost at least 12 members in WW2.
After reading two books, Nazinexus, and Conjuring Hitler, How America and UK made the third Reich, I wanted to see whether Yad Vashem displayes also this part of the Holocaust history. Namely, US, it's industries, and government were the main contrebuter to Holocaust.
None! Not one word. The tattoos on arms of prisoners were IBM numbers, in each KZ was an IBM office, without the logistic of IBM there would be no Genocide, the German railroad couldn't handle the transport.
Read Nazinexus, then see your self what you do with it.
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