Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
Three positive developments for Israel
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 27.01.19, 23:43
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1. Putin is trustworthy as far as Israel/Jews ar concerned BUT
Alan ,   SA   (01.28.19)
Russian Chief of Staff and Russia Military are NOT.. Hence the Russian Military's attitude to Israel and humiliation of IAF Chief when he went to Moscow to explain Israel side of the story when that Russian Plane was shot down by SYRIAN missile few months ago. ... At that time Shugoi (Russian Chief) was trying to cover his back for the Syrian Missile crew mess up.and also Russian military shortcomings in that tragic incident.. At first PUTIN described quite correctly that it was a tragic accident ,but Shugoi would not have anything of this view He made mincemeat of Israel IAF Chief story in Moscow,but as always truth prevails-He said Israel purposely and wilfully put Russian plane in danger by hiding behind the Russian plane on the run in to Damascus/Syria.... (How f16s that fly twice as fast as that Russian Observation plane could travel slowly behind that Russian plane is very unlikely).Putin is now understanding how Shugoi is bluffing him! and likewise how Sulimani and Al Kuds are as well.PUTIN KNOWS THE TRUTH!!..So dont worry ,things looking Ok FOR NOW AT LEAST.
2. A really good article. First Class.
Alan ,   SA   (01.28.19)
3. Ron: sounds good. Hopefully it's correct, & if so- it holds!
Rafi ,   US   (01.28.19)
4. In short:without Jewish help even our mortal enemies cannot
manage to wage a successful war against us?
That is my take-out of this article.
5. Russian weapons compromised
Shlomo ,   Singapore   (01.28.19)
The Russians anti aircraft systems pantsir S1 and S2 were demolished by Israel.. that makes point defense of the s-300 impossible.. and it becomes a sitting duck. Russia doesn't want Syria to use them because they will be destroyed by israel of the attempt to launch one at an Israeli aircraft.. not good for Russian military exports.. it's bad enough the pansir is an adjective failure already . Putin is protecting his military export business.. nothing mote
6. Rafik the Arab, after all Russia dances to Israel's tune
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (01.28.19)
Your utter ignorance makes you spew the most idiotic opinions with no base in reality
7. The most positive development is that Russia and Syria
claudio   (01.28.19)
doesn't take part in favour of Iran and the planes of the IDF are making their work in the north to send back the Iranian troops to Teheran.
And if the IDF are making their job and the S-300 are not active is because the iranians are a problem here for Putin and his partner Syria.
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (01.28.19)
Then we can just sleep easily? Russians will lie as they need to. Israel must keep hitting Iran in anyway possible in Syria to show her commitment to her security. Russians will lie as long as Iran forks in the payments for them to stay. If EU had the guts to cut Iranian oil, then the mullahs would disappear rapidly. But appeasing Trump is not in their agenda. They pour gas money down Valdiā€™s troat, but when it comes to security run to US like a little child. EU is the reason why mullahs are still breathing easily.
9. How long will Sergey Shoygu be in his job?Misleading Putin?
Alan ,   SA   (01.28.19)
10. I can only imagine the real feelings Putin has for Islam&its
11. Invading Jews hang themselves everywhere, theft, greed,
Steve Benassi ,   Plymouth, MN USA   (01.28.19)
.... hubris, delusions of superiority, choseness, sucker (Jew) America to fight their wars
12. One of the best summaries I have read
Vince Vartek ,   Los Angeles   (01.29.19)
Well written and concise with enough detail to understand the situation. Thanks!
13. As long as Iran don't actually have nukes Israel can win
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