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Israeli cabinet approves law to allow medical cannabis exports
Published: 27.01.19, 19:50
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1. Idiots! Sorcerers go to hell! HaShem hates sorcery! What
Rivkah   (01.28.19)
is sorcery? It is using or providing to others hallucinogenic drugs. The only dosage form of marijuana that is not hallucinogenic is the rectal suppository. Marijuana damages the brain circulation and pre-frontal lobe of the brain in anyone under the age of 27 years which causes psychosis that is PERMANENT according to Neurologist Dr. Russell Blaylock. Stop the insanity of using and shipping and prescribing marijuana to people, sending them to hell since the psychosis it cases is not curable. Even secondhand marijuana smoke damages the brain. Even one or two cigarettes of MJ damages the brain! STOP THIS INSANITY of sending people to hell by legalizing and promoting and selling marijuana!
Yo, go vent yo spleen ,go smoke some green, can almost make me cry ,do not get high on your own supply, no free pass so go smoke some grass.
3. Legalize it for everyone first in the country
Oliver ,   Eilat   (01.28.19)
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