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Trump warns Europeans not to try to evade Iran sanctions
Associated Press
Published: 28.01.19, 08:42
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1. In the end it would've been so much cheaper/humane to simply
shoot the horse i.e. bomb the crap out of Iran's nuclear facilities, kill some of the bad guys and carry on with the program...(so to speak).
Instead we get this charade with the Europeans, that understandably want to make a buck or rather: save their bloody economy!
2. Mogherini is already wearing the appropriate color for
Islamic movie industry's favorite franchise, you know, the one about guys on a sandy beach, with the setting sun in the background, humbly waiting to have their throats slit....
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (01.28.19)
UK is taking Iranian gold w/o anyone checking. France is happy with car and airplane orders. Germany is storing the cash for all the mullahs and their kids plus VW orders. Valdi is sucking Iran’s oil revenue with his fake protection of the mullahs in Syria and the free uranium. Not to mention the money he makes daily on the weapons. Iraqis are taking the water resources all day long. USA is the only one loosing here. Very soon, Iran will turn into a wasteland, and Europe will host the mullhas again for another round in 40 years or so.
4. Trump is a failed president of a failed system, ignore him.
Ken   (01.28.19)
5. Iran or America....that's the question.
tiki ,   belgium   (01.28.19)
Europe will back down like an obedient's just looking for the ladder to climb down.

Mogherini can continue with her little principles.....big companies are not that stupid.
6. Europe has always been an evil corrupt continent
C   (01.29.19)
europe gave birth to imperialism, fascism, stalinism, nazism.

europe has caused the slaughter of over one hundred million people
within the continent itself.
europe's imperial adventures caused many more millions deaths.

europe has never been democratic. to this day, europe is divided
between fascists and communists.
europe deserves all the ills coming its way.
7. America, next time don't save Europe from itself
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.30.19)
In the last century alone, America has saved Europe from itself three times. Europe would have fallen apart long ago had America not saved it during both World Wars and than from the Soviets, after WW II.

The E.U.'s attempt to prop up the terrorist regime of Iran tells us all we need to know about it. The utter evil of the E.U. is exposed for all. Jews should all leave the cursed continent. And next time, when Europe engages in yet another orgy of self destruction, America should stand aside and let the hideous E.U. go up in flames. Which it richly deserves.
8. Europe is American slave
Saleem ,   London   (01.30.19)
Trump's warning is justified. USA cannot expect their slaves, not to obey Masters order. EU have to obey their masters order or face the music.
9. Trump warns.
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (02.02.19)
United States, US president Donald Trump should use sanctions, not only to the criminal regime in Tehran. Also to the rest of the dictatorial, barbaric "islam" world caliphate, more than 50 countries, from Morocco to Indonesia, with a following of about 2 billion, who want to dominate/to rule any country, people and humankind, 7 to 8 billion people. Forbid the evil ideology of "islam" and end all diplomatic relations with "islam" countries untill they finish "islam" themselves, in principle, before a military solution from the US and the rest of the free, human and democratic world should be needed, to save humanity, humankind and our planet. Donald Trump, for example, should remember 9/!! in New York City, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania very well, to know what the crimnal "islam" following is capable of with their terror and terrorism, from the barbaric "islam"world caliphate.
10. Alternative money transfer..
The Archives ,   Kuala Lumpur   (02.04.19)
must be renounced as illegal as it can be misused by quarters sympathetic to the cause of supporting terrorism that has Iranian roots under the guise of prejudice against Israel; despite the 'for humanitarian purpose only' proclamation. Reason is because of evidence that most European countries have a strong liaison with organizations who have terrorists on their chair committee.
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