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US Senate advances bill to combat anti-Israel BDS movement
Published: 29.01.19, 08:36
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1. When next DEMOCRAT POTUS is in office,we will look back at
Alan ,   SA   (01.29.19)
Barak Hussein O period in office, with very warm fuzzy reminiscences! ,In the meantime, we will have to cope with Shadow Prez Pelosi and her Shadow Vice Prez Schumer and Shadow Sec of StateS ,Madams Tliab and Omar.
2. The only way to combat BDS is financially: make those
participating go out of business.
3. BDS is not free speech
C   (01.29.19)
bds is an arab palestinian antisemitic movement.

bds advocates for the boycott of israel, including academic and artistic
bds aims to boycott israel exclusively.

the aim of the bds movement is to dismantle the sovereign jewish
state of israel.
4. BDS
Avi ,   tel aviv   (01.29.19)
BDS is NOT anti-Semitic. The things we do here are horrific and the Arabs have rights too. I know, I'm a self-hating jew now, right? Please
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