Israeli rescue teams in Brazil say no chance of finding survivors
Yoav Zitun
Published: 30.01.19, 23:37
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1. Rescue Palestinians from invading Jews
2. Let's hope we make new friends this way. Although history
teaches us, that they're no good deeds that go unpunished.
3. Thank You
Andre Pires ,   Santos - Brazil   (01.31.19)
I`d like to thank IDF for the rescue team sent. The help from them it is being highlighted and appreciated in brazilian media. Thanks guys and keep up the good work! I hope this will increase the ties among Brazil and Israel.
oleg ,   florida   (01.31.19)
5. The Banana State of Brazil
Ex Oleh Chadash   (01.31.19)
nothing works well here, nothing! Do you need more proofs?

Carnival starts next month, and all press will not say a word about this dam collapse again.

The breaking news here are so ridiculous: after reporting about the dam, pseudo-journalists talk a lot about Neymar, their idol.

This country will be a third world one forever. There is no hope for Brazil.

I often regret having left Israel and returned to this place.

Brazukas in Israel made my life hell, they harass you, do not let you live in peace and integrate into Israeli society. People full of envy.
6. too much propaganda to rescue 20 corpses only.
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