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Rethinking hotel cuisine
Buzzy Gordon
Published: 30.01.19, 18:41
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1. Let's face it: not until we start producing adequate quality
meat (proper cattle nourishment) can we even dream of "steaks" & stuff....
2. would have been nice to include
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (01.31.19)
the type of kashrut that it has.

I and my wife eat out, but we do not eat at all 'kosher' places, only those that have high level of kashrut. So maybe for people like me and my wife, next time tell us who givers the hecksher and what level.....
3. Prices?
car ,   kfar saba   (02.13.19)
This would be much more useful if approximate prices were included, as in other newspaper reviews.
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