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Israel, Syria and the world through Iranian eyes
Smadar Perry
Published: 01.02.19, 23:52
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1. Teheran sounds a fun place-I am packing for Persia
Alan ,   SA   (02.02.19)
2. DNA... Ashkenazi 88% Iranian, not from Levant
3. Iran cannot survive
Jake ,   Dallas   (02.02.19)
It’s birth rate has collapsed and when the current large generation of 30-40 year olds retire, there will be no one to support them in their retirement. From an average of 7 children to less than two in less than a generation means societal collapse in a poor country. And Iran is poor and getting poorer. No one will come to them. The Chinese just want to suck out their resources but no one is going to invest in a corrupt kleptocracy like Iran.
4. What is this pile of garbage? Meant somehow to influence our
upcoming elections?
These days there're no "innocent' articles, especially from the King of the Media: the almighty Leftist Cabal :-))
5. More like Smadar talking to herself....????
6. An Israeli having an honest sit-down with official Iranian,
on the eve of upcoming elections?
And we're being taken for...what exactly? Morons or plain idiot-tools?
7. Raid Algtard, Israel's Mossad is deep inside Iranian regime
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (02.02.19)
Mossad has a permanent clandestine station in downtown Tehran
8. No more than Active Measures = Infomation warfare
iam   (02.02.19)
Israeli jounalists must take a lesson in Active Measures skills.

This guy should be discredited based on questions about his imprisonment by the regime.

At least the rest of the Iranians must get back their hijacked country.
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (02.02.19)
He is as corrupted as the mullahs who he serves. He tells you easily that he really does not care about his masters ruining his beloved country. He is just another mullah and nothing more or less.
10. whole world butiful He should say what he loves about Iran
jore ,   la   (02.02.19)
is it gay hanging, hand chopping, whipping, or political prisoners form all walks of life.
11. Does the interlocutor realize his army is a paper tiger?
Mullah Time ,   Tehranius   (02.02.19)
Does the interlocutor realize Israel wants nothing to do with Syria? Does the interlocutor realize that Israel must be in Syria to deal with its antagonist, Iran? Does the interlocutor understand that the oppressions of Hezbollah are a burden upon the Lebanese people? Does the interlocutor recognize that the mullahs are filth?
Iran is an aggressive theocracy obsessed with a phallic preoccupation of the Jewish State. This will not end well for Iran.
12. I think some details in the article are too specific
Tom ,   Jerusalem   (02.02.19)
And may lead to his identity being discovered
Such as the university in the US part..
13. sheer propaganda
the shia terror regime of iran is nothing compared to israel or the
united states.
14. Like Tehraniporyahoo full of hot air and grandeur delusion
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (02.03.19)
15. Surprise
this human ,   Notmdwhumanhands   (02.03.19)
Humanity is not surprised, you may be surprised to learn.
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