Despite international disapproval, Lebanon forms government with Hezbollah
Associated Press
Published: 31.01.19, 20:45
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1. The Israeli gov't. can't be surprised by this.
DSM ,   USA   (01.31.19)
2. Lebanon IS Hezbollah, what did you expect? It's their(short)
lives, let them do as they see fit.....
3. Nothing surprising here, unfortunately.
David ,   Hartford USA   (02.01.19)
Hezbollah has Lebanon by the throat. Hariri has allowed himself to be castrated by the goons that incinerated his father. What's wrong with that man?

Dear Mr. Hariri, please grow a pair and take back your country from the psychopaths. Get on TV and tell all your countrymen to use their cars to run over every Hezbollah goon they see. Open Season on Hezbollah! Demand Hezbollah leave your country. BE A MAN! You are a disgrace to your father's memory. Take some TV news cameras and show the world the Hezbollah tunnels. Demand the UN to prevent any more from being built. Kick fat-man Nasrallah out of the country.

To all the moronic 'Palestine' supporters who claim Israel is an apartheid state, please take a look at the CHRISTIAN population of Lebanon! It used to be a Christian country! You want to see ethnic cleansing? Look no farther than Lebanon. Why hasn't anyone cared to notice that Lebanese Christians have been leaving for decades?

Mr. Hariri, either take back your country or simply be honest and admit it's just an Iranian province with intent to eventually cause harm to Israel.

Your kowtowing to Hezbollah will only lead Lebanon to disaster. When Hezbollah gets the 'okay' from Iran to attack Israel, Israel's necessary response will reshape the northern border, which will become the Litani River, which will also become Israel's new main water source.

Mr. Hariri, please stop being a stooge for Hezbollah.
4. Mazal Tov
Boaz   (02.03.19)
Any firing of hezbullah rocket on Israel and Lebanon is held entirely responsible.
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