Mandelblit says he can rule on Netanyahu indictment before elections
Reuters and Ynet
Published: 01.02.19, 14:19
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1. Much ado about nothing.
tiki ,   belgium   (02.01.19)
The Attorney General has become a party in the election, without being able to be elected. The man is more in the media than any other politician.

If these 'sins' of Netanyahu are called bribery, it's utterly pathetic and has an ulterior motive. One doesn't have to be a genius to see that.

It's seemed impossible to take Netanyahu down through the ballot box, so someone concocted this plan, which started with the obsessive & disruptive weekly protests on Mandelblit's doorstep.

Big cigars, pink champagne & 3 good reviews in a hostile media.

Israel doesn't need Russian/Iranian trolls to influence the elections....they have the fanatical Israeli left and an Attorney General who seems to surrender to their wishes.
2. Hoax "investigation" was always intended to stop Bibi
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.01.19)
Think about it. Bibi has been "under investigation" practically his entire tenure as P.M. After all these years and at a cost of millions of shekels of tax dollars, the prosecution has nothing but little gifts that people often give their friends and acquaintances. Like cigars and take out dinners. This is pathetic. This hoax "investigation" was always intended to stop Bibi. Israelis need to make it clear we won't tolerate such manipulation of our political system by the Deep State. The judicial system needs radical reform.
3. self-righteousness
David   (02.01.19)
There are principles this AG is flagrantly ignoring, like international norms that you do not announce steps in an unfinished legal process, during the election season. In the US, for example, this is explicitly encoded in the code of conduct for the Department of Justice. This is what is known, in other words, as "interference in elections."
4. Congratualtons and Thank You
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem   (02.01.19)
It does my heart good to see one independent person not afraid of the Netanyahu machine in a high position in government.
Almost none of the other politicians in government are willing to face down the one person that can damage this country so badly.
Bribery, political maneuvering and undue influence are serious charges. When questionable in the government's leader they do become crimes against the citizens of the State.
Good for the AG! I for one am proud of him.
5. That's why the Justice System should be called "The Lawyer's
6. How I See It
Mikel ,   Netanya   (02.02.19)
When the police and the man representing the judicial system say someone did something wrong yet you would rather believe someone that bought a plane that costs more than the basic basket of medicines. This person also pays 10,000,000 Shekels to a few parties that enables people to study instead of supporting their families by working, like Haredim do all over the world. We are an amazing country with amazing people we deserve someone better than Bibi as a prime minister.
7. Mandelblit does not believe in democracy
C   (02.02.19)
one person cannot decide the fate of a country.
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