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Iran unveils long-range cruise missile on revolution anniversary
Published: 03.02.19, 08:57
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1. What US opposition? Dont u know Obama paid 4 missiles
Alan ,   SA   (02.03.19)
2. So: did it make the 1.300km? Isn't it easier/cheaper to wait
for the USA to get a Democrat President and then receive all the missiles they may dream of?
3. A missile named " OYVEYZEH "?
4. good for the iranians. they must have a right to defend
the parsi   (02.03.19)
5. What the hell do these imbeciles think? They dont have a
Tehraniporou   (02.03.19)
brain to begin with. The country is bankrupt but they showcase Chinese copied missiles with a technology that is a decade old for what purpose. The Chinese sell all of their garbage at a golden price. Tehran is now a chinese colony, all of the businesses have deal with those damn goods. All businessmen have companies in HK and resell to the iranian market at golden prices... The people are neither impressed or happy with this false military charade. I called yesterday and people are afraid about cuts in pensions... Cost of living has skyrocketed. Buying meat is apparently so costly. When I hear the prices now and compare to the prices of my childhood, I just cant believe it. It's nearly the price of a cheap car then. Let go of the bloody country before it explodes and a civil war ensue...All those who were not lucky to go in the 80s, 90s are stuck, desperate and furious. People shout in the streets and they parade with Khomeini and their slogans death to america and israel. Israelis must laugh to see their gdp rise from its leve in the 80s to an advanced OECD level country with a 5% growth. Iran is the exact opposite and this is the mullahs legacy with so much oil and gas and gold... The last times I counted, 15 tomans was exchanged for a USD in the shahs last year, or 150 tomans for a USD during the first years of the arab islamic takeover. Look now for more 10000 tomans for a USD. Thank g.d we had bank accounts in CHF in banhofstrasse to start over. Poor iran
6. m
moishe   (02.03.19)
nice missile but who are they going to target? Israel? if they do they will get a return of devastating results. great show but resources better spent on economy.
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (02.09.19)
BS jihad biz, then it does not need to defend itself. Nobody buys tree crap you write here. I bet you are not even Iranian. Probably some paid Iraqi looking for his/her next paycheck.
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