BDS groups slammed for terror ties active on US campuses
Alexander Apfel
Published: 04.02.19, 16:47
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1. More Significant Sources of Antisemiism
Ed ,   USA   (02.04.19)
These groups are small and their impact seems to be confined to Muslim students, at this point. J-Street and JVP have had much more impact in main-streaming liberal antisemitism.
2. Don't worry, fake students
Ex Oleh Chadash   (02.04.19)
vagabonds, marijuana smokers that come to the university just to get an useless degree:

Don't worry.

Israelis boycott themselves.

When I was an oleh chadash, a woman asked me US$700 for a room at Raanana. She was another oleh chadash, from Argentina. You see, Israelis ruin their own country and push people out - so, why do you complain?

After some years, Muslims will grow and take the control, don't worry.... just wait and see.
Thank G-d BDS exists , really ! because if there were no resistance / antagonism towards the Jewish state and towards jews ,thern secular israeli jews would very quickly forget who they are and what Israel is meant to be : a Holy ,seperate and unoque nation. And if jews forget who they are, they will quickly be reminded who they are...and not always in a nice way !
4. BDS terror ties active on US campuses!
David ,   Germany   (02.04.19)
The Universities that allow this to go on should not receive donations or contributions. Same goes if it was the other way around. Their propose should be education and not conflict!
5. FBI: follow the $
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