Poll: Over half of Israeli Jews believe Nation-State Law must be fixed
Goel Beno
Published: 05.02.19, 11:09
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1. Not so simple
Daniel goldwater ,   Jerusalem   (02.05.19)
This amendment 'Israel is a democracy with equal rights to All', would necessarily mean an end to the exclusive right of Aliya for Jews in short the end of the Jewish state. Anyone advocating this amendment cannot claim to be a Zionist nor have the continuity of Israel as a refuge for the Jewish people.
2. what comes after the "Nation-State Law"?
Alexander Scheiner ,   Israel   (02.05.19)
- enforced membership in the Likud Party?
- proof of non-Arian origin?
- concealed controls of kosher household?
- certificate of Brit Milah with MMS?
- oath for Orthodoxy?

For Zion
3. Warms my heart to hear this
4. Time for a Constitution
James Swint ,   Tvedestrand, Norway   (02.05.19)
Israel needs a constitution defining all rights of all citizens. That would be a great first step in Israel gaining a lot of Global respect.
5. m
moishe   (02.05.19)
Moslem States enforce Islam as the state religion. Israel is the only state in the area that enforces equal rights for all. to survive as a Jewish state it must declare this status. not to do so will begin the end of a Jewish state. history repeats.
6. One country one law for all
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (02.05.19)
And everyone who lives here, whether they be Jews, Arabs, LGBT, Christians, they should ALL have the same rights. We simply align ourselves with the likes of some barbarian Arab nations if we don't. Plus, it's the right thing to do,
7. The game of words.
PermReader   (02.05.19)
The words juggling: The Israel declared as the democratic and equal rights state. The Arabic is not the official language
in America,haha. The comments of the English speaking Jews, shows their fear and volnurability,no more.
8. Cant be so controversial if majority wants a tiny change...
9. Look, another biased fake leftist poll
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.05.19)
Polls almost always reflect the views of the people who sponsor them. When a leftist organization, seeking to end the Nation-State law, publishes a poll; what do you expect it to say? The Nation-State law is a step in the right direction.
10. 1
zionist forever   (02.05.19)
Agreed. The Nation State Law might have been worded wrongly from the start but if we decided to reword it to something more politically correct and inclusive we risk creating a Basic Law that can lead to the end of the Jewish state concept. Better to amend it and just cut out more controversial parts like the status of arabic and to add maybe bits like being the nation state of the Jewish people does not affect the civil rights of any Israeli citizen Jewish or non Jewish. Start trying to satisfy to many people you risk the whole thing backfiring and we end up with a state of its citizens rather than a Jewish state.
11. "democracy with equal rights to all citizens" - is that what
leo ,   usa   (02.05.19)
... all of you are arguing about?!

I always thought that this is obvious.
OK, OK, put it in and do not forget to add that 2+2==4
12. I do not think Zionism and Alia are in jeopardy.
leo ,   usa   (02.05.19)
People who are not citizens and not legal residents of Israel and who are residing outside the country do not get to enjoy Israeli guaranties.

At the same time it is right of each sovereign state to decide whom to admit and under which conditions.

No contradiction.
13. The “half” living in Gaza???!!!
14. Indeed, it has to be amended, but not in the way our Leftist
zombies imagine& hope it to be.
It's a first step in the right direction.
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