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The trouble with Jewish conversions in Israel
Yifat Erlich
Published: 09.02.19, 16:19
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1. No answers equal.....
DSM ,   USA   (02.09.19)
the sin of self importance.
2. For arguments sake
Scott ,   USA   (02.09.19)
Some people believe in God, some people do not. No one knows for sure if a God exists. For many, who believe in God, God is the basket in which all the unknowns of the world are kept. Rabbi's, much like the medicine men and witch doctors of yore, get their power by supposedly being the translators of God's wonders to the believers. Over centuries this translation has turned into dictatorial power. For arguments sake let us change the name of God right this minute in Israel to the word "The". Would the same people who believe in God and look to the rabbi's for all thing's religious, care as much about all things "The"? My question is not to minimize the importance of God in a person's life, but to minimize the importance of rabbi's and their hold on people lives.
3. We are a people, not a religion.
Bar Star ,   Jerusalem   (02.09.19)
We should stop these phony conversion business. We should stop flooding Israel with Gentiles. Anti-Torah Reform spiritual counterfeiters should be banned from using Judaism as the name for their religion.
4. m
moishe   (02.10.19)
the ultra orthodox will go to heaven but they will be segregated in their own area so that they will be only able to drive each other meshuga and leave other Jews alone. god's reward for the problems they cause on earth.
5. Rabbinate is like the Mafia.
expatokie ,   mazkeret batya   (02.10.19)
If it's not conversion, it's kashrut or marriage. It's all about the money and not what is best for the state of Israel.
6. the trouble with israeli assertion of its soverignty
jake   (02.10.19)
Israelis are seen as ambivalent about using force, about punishing offenders, of asserting land claims. even its generals abhor idf soldiers using aggressive measures like elbow smashes, slaps, etc. other idf generals worry about Israelis taking revenge. meanwhile, 19 year old innocent girls are knifed and bludgeoned to death. the reasons are as varied as the seasons.

you have to apply the law that has some teeth. what you have now encourages terror.

that you want to vote for gantz in these circumstances is truly shocking. gantz has not saved israel in the hezbollah war, nor in dealings on the west bank, nor in the gaza war in my opinion.

and you want to vote for him????

yes, bibi is a part bs artist and is not strong. so vote for Bennett. what are you waiting for.

gantz is like peres. he wants to withdraw as per livni. it will leave Israel indefensible. you are nuts!
7. Israel was hijacked by the Orthodox.Where is the New Israel?
Jesus Never Existed ,   NYNY   (02.12.19)
Where is the New Israeli? Did Jabotinsky, Ben Gurion, Weizman etc have to provide Proof of Judaism letters from their Temple Rabbi? A Brit Milah wasn't enough?
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