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Smoke without fire: Cannabis for the observant Jew
Itzchak Tessler
Published: 05.02.19, 23:50
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1. m
moishe   (02.06.19)
that's why Jews make great lawyers. if you can't carry on Shabbos you create an 'erev'. etc. god must be laughing.
2. Pure baloney
David ,   New york   (02.07.19)
They talk about medical marijuana for terminal cancer patients, but this is not what is actually happening:
As a physician I see who is using medical marijuana
And guess what:
The vast majority of them aren't sick and are using it to get high
(They may have had back pain once a few years ago and got a script based on that)
From what I see, medical marijuana is a farce
3. another trick approved by the cosher ones
beth ,   tel aviv   (02.06.19)
4. The only form of marijuana that is not hallucinogenic is the
Rivkah   (02.08.19)
rectal suppository. All other dosage forms of MJ should be banned since it is hallucinogenic. Unrepentant sorcerers go to hell. Sorcery is using or providing to others, hallucinogenic drugs.
5. my takes it
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (02.14.19)
my wife has chronic pain and she takes it but I see that she is like in a upper cloud most of the time and not really connected to reality.

I think it is better for people who are on their way out of life and suffering; my wife is suffering but not that old. But since she has begun this stuff she is like not really connected to reality on the ground.,,,,,

for me to see her like this is very sad; she just lies around the house with no motivation...
6. Marijuana is connected to depression and suicide according
Rivkah   (02.22.19)
to a just released McGill University of Canada study. It damages the brain circulation and the pre-frontal lobe of the brain causing insanity. What is insanity? According to Gesenius' Hebrew Lexicon, it is being influenced or indwelt by demons. The demons cause people to do bad things, think bad thoughts, and kill themselves or others and then they have to suffer the consequences of what demons caused them to do because of marijuana and other hallucinogenic drugs.

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