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The Ethiopian babies who disappeared without a trace
Shirit Bruk, Yehuda Shohat
Published: 09.02.19, 23:50
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1. Welcome to the new Israel where everyone feels begrieved and
Al   (02.10.19)

We ought remind these people that were it not for Israel they would be back in Africa eating seeds.

My suggestion to these whiners is that they go to America and reclaim their blackness.

Their sense of entitlement is nauseating.

Israel needs people who want to contribute selflessly.
2. What's wrong with our "System"?
3. You surely cannot pass Ethiopian baby to Ashkenazi folks?!
4. 80's were like...yesterday and THAT still was happening?!?
5. a hospital hevra Adisha conspiracy.
jochai rubinstein ,   Kfar Saba Israel   (02.10.19)
it is not clear to me what happens to stolen babies.and what are the gains for the thiefs?
I urge the government to investigate this case with all force needed.
6. Israeli hospitals employ many Arab doctors
Daniel   (02.10.19)
Anything is possible...
7. Human sacrifice, that's it.
Yoni ,   Kfar Saba   (02.10.19)
And who says I am crazy he/she is probably so naive to not understand how evil it's the world were we live in. In the history of human being people always have sacrificed children to demons and evil spirits in order to get power and knowledge. They do it today as they use to do it through all the course of history.
8. Very quick to jump on the "blame Israel" bandwagon.
Jake   (02.10.19)
Fast learners.
9. We are the generation of 80's. It feels like yesterday!
sharona ,   Ashdod   (02.10.19)
Is this still happening? What's wrong with us?
10. Why don't you leave this country? Do you like suffering?
Ex Oleh Chadash   (02.10.19)
are you masochists?

There is life out Israel. The world is plenty of better places to live. Just see, most Jews don't want to make alyah.

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