Palestinians: Gantz 'encouraging' on occupation, settlement evacuation
Ynet, Reuters
Published: 06.02.19, 15:31
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1. Gantz is not the man to lead or defend Israel
DSM ,   USA   (02.06.19)
The Arabs do not understand giving land for peace. Once given they still will want more and Israel will not have peace. Look no further than Gaza.
2. Here is what rightist leaders should do re. Abbas
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.06.19)
Israel is longing for a rightist leader gutsy enough to announce their plan to arrest Abbas and put him on trial, just like Eichmann, for mass murder. If this noble plan was accompanied by a strong rightist patriotic agenda, the vast majority of Israeli would be really impressed.
3. Gantz should never have been a general. Let alone P.M.
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.06.19)
Israel deserves far better. It is frightening that there are defeatist leftist generals, like Gantz, leading the IDF. Generals who see cowardly disastrous retreat as the way to go. Gantz should never have been a general. Let alone P.M. Unless you are a Meretz supporter, you should not even consider voting for Gantz. The man is a total disaster. Vote patriotic right.
4. Total respect
Didn't think I would ever hear such words... of course Israel cannot continue to occupy/control another people. That there are still some there who understand this, brings me hope.

5. Gantz will bring back a human face to Israel
smokeonwater   (02.06.19)
Israel under Likud has turned into a little monster, where jewish-terrorist thugs of murderers ruled the corrupted government. Gantz is going change all that, and clean Israel of these jewish terrorist gangs.
6. Wow. Gantz another leftist moron. Back to the 90's!
Just, WOW! ,   Occupied Paris   (02.06.19)
7. Bull feces personified...
Just Leave ,   Occupied Brussels   (02.06.19)
He probably hated being Chief of Staff, loved the title, but "fighting" Arabs must have been an odious assignment for this fraud.
8. If Israelis vote this idiot in...
Here We Go Again ,   Eurabia   (02.06.19)
they will have no one to blame but themselves for the calamity that follows.
9. Really?
Empress Trudy ,   raleigh   (02.06.19)
440,000 people not including the Old City and east Jerusalem which is another 320,000. So you really planning on an ethnic cleansing of a half million Jews?
10. Palestinians think they have found their Israeli sucker.
Sam ,   Montrel   (02.06.19)
11. Benny& the Jets is music to Abu Adolf’s ears!? That’s
Gantz is getting “bear-hug” , so it seems...
12. gabbay correct on booting livni out of his party
jay   (02.06.19)
livni has been spouting policies for over years that have gotten Israelis killed and wounded. any lands given up are used for terror.her brain cannot absorb this. now gantz has revealed his wish to give up more land along the lines of Gaza. moreover, he says his Jewish values so dear to him demand that he ensure no civilians are hurt in taking out Hamas or Hezbollah assets. if that is the case, Israel will lose every war as the heat of battle is so fast. one can only do so much verification.

i cannot vote for gantz under any circumstances just as i would not vote for lapid. read the shapira report on gantz.

vote for Bennett.
oleg ,   florida   (02.06.19)
14. are israelis stupid enough to vote for him?
david ,   new york   (02.07.19)
abbas loves him
he thinks giving gaza to hamas was a wonderful idea
another general who will be a disaster as a prime minister (Sharon,barak,rabin)
lets vote for him and see what happens!
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