Netanyahu's political problems are just beginning
Moran Azulay
Published: 06.02.19, 23:15
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1. Moranic article
Steven Gilbert   (02.07.19)
2. It will be huge loss to lose the internationally acclaimed
Tehraniporou   (02.07.19)
comedian, Oren Hazan. I hope he wins because I still want to have a few good laughs. Notenoughpostsyahuu will soon have to face the polls after the indictments. At that point, Gantz will fly. Such a pity that we don't see more of sexy shaked. She shouldn't let rambo bennet blend her in the background picture. She should show er black stockings and come to the front
3. Bibi, Bibi
Me   (02.07.19)
Everyone has a replacement. Cemeteries are full of unique people.
There is something about Bibi the master of ceremonies, his charisma and his command of English which makes him stand in par with western leader. All other politicians simply don’t know how to express themselves, as goes the saying: speak with an accent probably thinks with an accent:)
4. So: Saar is the next PM, right? No, did I miss something???!
5. :-)
esther ,   ramat gan   (02.06.19)
6. Media chorus is celebrating early over unhatched chickens
Jake   (02.07.19)
The media and the left are counting on Bibi's political demise, but the likelihood is that Netanyahu will win the elections and be the next PM and Benny Gantz will lose, Labor will continue its downward spiral, and Zippy will be going home.
I'm sure Netanyahu will find a way to work with his Likud rivals Edelstein and Sa'ar for the good of the country.
But the media pundits and leftist elites have never found a way to get over their crass arrogance, and inability to read the signs and know what it is the people actually want.
7. "Minions"? Hmm, I guess Zandberg has only 'associates"????!
8. Leftist Deep State will attack ANY Likud P.M.
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.11.19)
Likudniks, and Israeli patriots in general, need to understand that there is nothing personal about the leftist Deep State plot to destroy Bibi. They would do the same thing to Sa'ar or ANY Likud leader. They launched endless hoax "investigations" against Bibi, because they couldn't beat him in an election. It is guaranteed, that if we let the Deep State drive Bibi from power, they will find an excuse to do the same thing to the next Likud leader who is elected P.M.
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