US blocks UN statement on Israel ending Hebron monitors mission
Published: 07.02.19, 07:55
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1. Sunni occupation of Kwait impressed majority Shia population
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (02.07.19)
As if !
3. Kuwait which expelled ALL palestinians livin there in 1991..
ab   (02.07.19)
4. Bloody Muslims- United not letting go for a second!!!!
5. The Facts Of History Are Forgotten...
Robert Blum ,   New Albany   (02.07.19)
On august 24, 1929, Muslims murdered 63 Jews. This was before Jordanians, Syrians and Egyptians referred to themselves as "Palestinians" who they falsely claimwere disinherited from their land. In 1929 with no such pretext for murdering Jews, the truth is more transparant, which is, that the Quron teaches that the Caliphate will not come into existence until every Jew in the entire world is murdered. Islam calls itself "The Religion Of Peace", meaning, that if you are a Muslim who agrees with the current Muslim themes, you may be left in peace. Otherwise refer to Islam, which teaches "Convert the infidel at the sword or burn him at the stake".
6. anti-semites on the Useless Nation Security Council
did you expect anything different from Kuwait or Indonesia?
7. Well done Trump - thanks America
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (02.10.19)
Kuwait and Indonisia - 2 virile anti Semitic countries bring a resolution that is biased but almost accepted by all other countries except America
Thanks again America
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