Opinion  Ben-Dror Yemini
Time for Likud to decide what it is
Ben Dror Yemini
Published: 07.02.19, 13:22
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1. What the Liqud really is?
Alexander Scheiner ,   Israel   (02.07.19)
In meantime, since the current regime is ruling Israel, the Liqud is a party monkeying the European extreme right. Including the fascist and neo-Nazi parties. Just look with whom our PM is buddying.

In fact, the Israeli Right has its fascist guru, an extreme rightist US-citizen, close and intimate with the neo-fascist political scum in Europe. Do not argue this, I have all the necessary proof.

This is the Liqud of today. If Trumpeldor, s.l., knows, he would turn in his grave.

Furthermore, other rightist parties and the ultra-orthodox are worse, but this is an other story.

For Zion
2. mr
steve gure   (02.07.19)
The problem here is that BB learned from his mistake of voting for the Gaza withdrawal. Gantz still believes that this is the way to travel
3. Likud needs to follow it's patriotic Constitution
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.07.19)
Neither Yemini, nor anyone else, can name ONE single benefit Israel would ever receive from a "peace deal with Palestinians". What would it cost Israel?

* Judea
* Samaria
* Jerusalem
* Freedom from constant terror
* Freedom from rocket attacks throughout our land
* Our viability as a state
* Everything

Likud doesn't need to define itself. It merely needs to follow its patriotic Constitution.
You wrote: "Likud could become far more attractive to undecided voters if it only presented a diplomatic plan that does not involve a disaster called annexation". As you know, or at least you should know, dear Ben Dror, using the term "annexation" is a betrayal of Jewish-Israeli right in International Law. As you know, or at least you should know, Jewish rights voted by the League of Nations to create an independent Jewish state on the territory between the Mediterranean Sea and, AT LEAST, the Jordan River including the Golan Heights, remain valid in International Law, being reaffirmed by Article 80 of the United Nations Charter! I wrote "AT LEAST" because Britain supposed to be a faithful Mandatory, behaved as a colonial power, left Palestine May 14th 1948, so Article 25, of the "Mandate for Palestine", if you know what I'm writing about, became null and void! I understand your anxiety: one state including the so-called "Palestinians". But as you know, dear Ben Dror, a majority of them are the heirs of hundreds of thousands Muslim migrants who entered the none guarded borders of Palestine, with the blessing of the British "Mandatory" just to prevent the establishment of a Jewish state, and if this was not enough, the same treacherous "Mandatory" imposed a maritime blockade to prevent Jews fleeing Europe during WW II to reach the Palestinian border. Should Israel today be punished by being forced to solve a none existing "Palestinian problem", a result of British colonial treachery? Of course, a solution can be found by imposing Israel’s Laws on suitable parts of the territory or rather a willing positive resettlement of Muslim migrants heirs with the aid of the international community and enough financial involvement (start with the 2.5 Billions $ left by Jews in Arab states) and even Israel's contribution, in a prospect of real peace, in the industrial development of its Arab neighboring countries.
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