What kind of occupation do Israelis want?
Hagai El-Ad
Published: 08.02.19, 19:48
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1. We are called Jews because we are from Judea
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.08.19)
Jews are not "occupying" Judea, Samaria or Gaza. These are our some of our lands. We are called Jews because we are from Judea. Repeating the "occupation" myth will never make it so. "Palestine" is an evil hoax that never existed and never will.
2. The Brutality of Rouge Soldiers
DSM ,   USA   (02.09.19)
El-Ad the new spokesman for the Palestinians. Next he will write how the Palestinians have every right to storm the border, fly fire kites, and attack every Jew they see. He and Ganz are on the same page. Israeli's beware.
3. The Author is an abomination of Jewish spirit& conscience!
4. Reconquista
Expert   (02.08.19)
The author could use a little history lesson. this was the Jewish land from time immemorial. The Arabs came in as Interlopers at some point in the 600s and 700s AD and built a mosque on top of the Jewish holy site to annoy them. But the Jews eventually came back to their land and took it back. The exact same thing happened in Spain where the Muslims tried to take over Spain for a couple hundred years but eventually they were pushed out by the original owners of the land. they don't belong here they have plenty of places to go 57 Muslim states 22 Arab states. The Jews have one little State and does not need to be carved out up into tiny little pieces by foreign Interlopers or those who support them. It is not defensible. It is tiny and we will not give back any of our land to nationalities and religions that have hundreds of times more land than we do and can easily take care of their brethren if they cared.. Thank you very much.
5. Let’s rather watch the movie of the young arab slitting the
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (02.09.19)
throat of a young girl as she lay in bed or the rabbis hacked to death while praying in Shul.
Are the arabs who were happy being Jordanian until Israel liberated the Temple Mount ready to live in peace?
6. What kind of occupation? NONE!
Growl   (02.09.19)
Israelis don't want an Occupation... they want to disappear the "Other" and instead have Ownership. They feel that they are entitled to this based on historical or religious reasons. So they want an ethnocentric, maybe theocratic, nation state for only the "right" people. And they are perfectly willing to engage in whatever tactics necessary to achieve this Zionist dream, "from the River to the Sea" (for now... then there's the Greater Israel to come later on). Maximum territory with the fewest non-Jews. And there has to be room to expand, of course.
7. What kind of lies does B’Tselem want to spread?
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (02.09.19)
8. Sorry to ask this question repeatedly?
Gene   (02.09.19)
How many B'tsalem people know the meaning of the Russian Active Measures.

If somebody knows the answer, should write a new article, which really can help the Israelis and Palestinian to leave in peace together.
9. A novel solution
Bertram ,   London, UK.   (02.09.19)
If Jews are called Jews because they are from Judea then that is where they belong. Samaria by the same token belongs to the Samaritans. Israel proper - without Judea - can then be handed to the Arabs. Brilliant. Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?
10. Jews to Judea. Arabs to Arabia. That's the answer.
When You're Ready ,   Truthistan   (02.09.19)
No need for anyone to be "occupied."
11. Election Decision
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (02.09.19)
Israel's Right and Center prefers the Azaria, Captain R, Duma, and unfettered Hilltop Youth model, where no crime against any Palestinian or Arab is even investigated. And Gaza can be depopulated bu simply walking artillery through 'til nothing living remains except the few who can tread water and swim away.

Unsure if there is anybody left living and voting in Israel to the left of center.
12. Michael: And many Israelis are not Jews. Kol ha'kavod!
solomon ,   New York   (02.09.19)
13. Israeli occupation
Henry Tobias ,   מעלה אדומים   (02.09.19)
I as an Israeli don't want to occupy the Palestinians, but they leave us no option until they recognize our right to be here and make peace. Then we can separate - two states for two peoples.
14. This man is a sick Jewish soul. Many like him throughout our
history, many yet to come...
They will always claim moral superiority, while being ignorant and clueless.
Yet it makes them feel all warm & good inside and to hell with the consequences!
15. palestinians ask for it.
jochai rubinstein ,   Kfar Saba Israel   (02.09.19)
As long as Arabs living under PA or Hamas rule are not relocaring to safer areas, those Arabs ask for maltreatment, that by the way is only psychosomatic, except for some incidental events, that are blown up to giant proportions by those Arabs as well as by the Israel left. ' Occupation'is a loaded emotional word used to impress Europeans for more funding.
FO ,   Belgium   (02.09.19)
Somewhere I'm grateful to you for writing this article. Not only does it show your intellectual lack of level, but mainly your intellectual dishonesty! Putting into balance, on one side a presumed respectful person, and on the other side people who presumed broke the law, is a disgrace. Hagai, just name me one country, just one, where all people are just perfect. Hagai, continue to write such rubbish, it helps to evaluate who you and your "movement" B'Tselem really are!
17. You are an abomination of Jewish spirit& conscience!
18. I thought they were all lawyers or doctors
jore ,   la   (02.10.19)
19. The article does not mention at all...
Eric ,   Montreal   (02.11.19)
...the real reasons of the current situation: the arabs aimply do not accept Jewish presence in historic "Palestine". Two countries were offered to two people in 1948. The Arabs refused and wanted to annihilate the new Israel and the Jews. And this continues to this day. The writer of this article is not honest to talk about the real reasons of the current situation.
20. Occupation
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (02.11.19)
We all (our humankind) "occupy/live in/on Israel and the rest of our planet (7 to 8 billion people, including about 12 million Jewish people and 8 million Israëli people, in a country, with human land-boundaries, just as in any other country, on Earth.
21. World hates Jews because of liars like this one
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