AG to bar use of photos of politicians with IDF soldiers in election campaign
Itamar Eichner
Published: 07.02.19, 14:57
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1. AG prohibition of any....
The Archives ,   Kuala Lumpur   (02.07.19)
photographs depicting any politician which includes IDF soldiers at these sensitive election period have my utmost support. If news regarding the IDF is being reported, any photographs of IDF soldiers together with any military equipment must not include any photograph of any politician that is being reported in the news. This will make reporting more realistic and will advance the quality of journalism.
2. is this labour’s foremost security policy?
shloime ,   toronto   (02.07.19)
3. the AG is just trying to damage the netanyahu campaign
zionist forever   (02.07.19)
The AG has it in for Netanyahu which is why he is planning to indict before the election knowing that this can destroy any hopes he has of winning the next election.
If not allowing him to have photo ops with soldiers it can potentially damage his campaign strategy.

Israeli politicians have always had their pictures taken with soldiers helps their credibility when they promise to be the man to trust on security but very conveniently the during the destroy Netanyahu election the AG rules that you cannot have your picture taken with soldiers.
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