Likud doesn't need Netanyahu to survive
Shlomo Pyuterkovsky
Published: 07.02.19, 23:30
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1. Thank you Mr Prime Minister
Boaz   (02.08.19)
Thank you for your long service and dedication to the nation of Eretz Israel. Thank you for being outspoken and for representing Israel and her citizens with courage, passion and in an outstanding spoken English. Also thank you from the bottom of my heart for opting for a miniscule official salary intstead of the millions you could have made in the private sector. I am not ungrateful, I am not a Putainkovsky, I am just a fair and honest Israeli.
2. Pyuterkovsky is living dangerously
Stan ,   Israel   (02.08.19)
Sarah may put out a hit on him
3. Bibi the greatest leader since BG. Without BiBi Likud=DEAD
smokeonwater   (02.08.19)
It's simple to understand that A Leader like Netanyahu happens ONCE in a CENTURY. Ben Gurion was the greatest in 20th century.
NOBODY will succeed as Netanyahu to become not only the greatest israel's leader, but he also became one of the WOLD'S Leaders. Many many world leaders, presidents, prime ministers and major politicians and policy makers around the world consider it a big honour to shake hands with Netanyahu. Many of them consider Netanyahu as their friend. Among them Putin and Trump. Netanyahu worked very very hard to build bonds and good relationships with many countries. Netanyahu's efforts are the reason Israel is still a player number one in the Middle East. N-O-B-O-D-Y in Likud has even 1% QUALITIES to step into Netanyahu's shoes. GANTZ is a highly intelligent MAN, that does posses high qualities of A LEADER, and he is going to crush Likud. Likud committed treason against its biggest leader, and as a revenge Bibi now has is to cross over to Gantz' party(like did Sharon) to be number two there.
4. They think so??? hehehe..Likud is already DEAD.
ironbutterfly   (02.08.19)
Israel will never have a better PM than Netanyahu. He was better than BG.
He belonged to the top echelon of world leaders. Gantz will have a very difficult time to wear Bibi's shoes.
5. First of all: correct. But survival is not equal to "living
the Good Life" meaning, just existing & breathing is not the same as being in power and enjoying implementation of said ideology.
When regarded from that perspective, without Netanyahu, at this point in history, Likud may slide into insignificance.
Not that it'll be surpassed by any other party, but it may fall victim to many small, left wing nobodies ganging up on it....
And then Ladies & Gentlemen we're royally screwed!
6. shapira on gantz
morton   (02.09.19)
this is what shapira report said on gantz-

in the draft report, State Comptroller Yosef Shapira also slams Gantz for the IDF’s lack of operational readiness and planning vis-a-vis the threats posed by tunnels in the Strip.

think about this you israelis!!!!!!!
7. Such is our fate, that we don't appreciate a good thing when
it happens to us!
Jewish history is full of self inflicted wounds.
Present day witch hunt of "Bibi" is just the latest in series of Very Dumb Things Jews Do!
8. Saar or any other aspiring apprentice cannot unfortunately
even contemplate filling Netanyahu's slippers, not to mention his riding boots!
Such is the situation.
After Bibi, it shall be a slow but steady slide into international ostracism, irrelevance, financial ruin and wars with Arabs, big time!
Don't believe me?
Just vote anything but Likud & see......
9. Yes it does, yes it does! I wish it wasn't true, but it is!
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