NGO erases 'Palestine' and 'Al-Quds' from Arab sector civics textbook
Adir Yanko
Published: 09.02.19, 19:40
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1. the 60's invented trend
Moi   (02.09.19)
in the 70's disco and pop, 80's punk, 90's disposable plastic cups & plates.2000-2019 return to recycled matter. The fakestinian trend is over
2. Text book on Israeli democracy should never be done by Arabs
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (02.09.19)
3. Well done& about bloody time too! I’m eagerly waiting for
our inane politicians to stop using the term “Palestinians” when describing Arab occupiers of Land of Israel!
4. It took USSR over 70 years to dissipate, "Palestine" will
require much less!
That's the direction guys & girls! Bravo.
5. In Muslim “education” there’s no ISRAEL on the bloody map,
so spare me any outpouring of”schlock” at this (correct) presentation if facts!
6. Isn't Bennett the head of this Ministry?
Yosi ,   Jerusalem   (02.10.19)
So this is how he deals with the truth? By buckling to the lying arabs?
I thought he was supposed to be right of center. I guess this shows his true colors.
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