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'Hope is a greater human need than even love'
Ronen Tal
Published: 09.02.19, 23:51
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1. That was a great article.
Adam   (02.10.19)
Thank you Prof. Ben Corn for seeing patients as people and not merely as cases. Thank you for giving people hope.
2. About remaining survival time statistic
beate zilversmidt ,   holon   (02.10.19)
I am a stage-4 breast cancer patient since 2006. The statistics gave me at the time two and half to three years. I asked my doctor at the time: I know what to be afraid of - that I will die soon. But please tell me also what I can hope for when I would be in the upside of the statistical curve.
My doctor was silent, did not look at me, then murmured there are patients who
still live 20 yearsl. It was clear that she was reluctantly telling me this but it was very important information for me and it gave me a goal. From tgen I started healthy living - daily walks, healthy diet etc. I decided thatbif I want to live longer than the average I have to help the doctor - not just passively wait for her to do all.
Maybe this aspect fits in somewhere in the beautiful initiative of professor Ben Corn.
3. We are all on our way towards "expiry date", so actually we
all can use the approach this wonderful man is proposing...
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