Israel envoy to UN calls Hebron observer force 'violent, biased'
Associated Press
Published: 07.02.19, 21:09
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1. TIPH was good for nothing
david ,   new york   (02.07.19)
members of TIPH videotaped attacking jews:
e.g. slashing tires of a jewish family's car, hitting a 10 year old jewish boy among others

we dont need europeans to attack jews (we have arabs to do that, thank you very much)
2. Doris Heilbut - Hindering Israeli soldiers..."
Stan ,   Israel   (02.07.19)
I suppose that the presence of the observers inhibits the soldiers from ill treating the Palestinians as the extremist settlers demand..
3. UN interference.
tiki ,   belgium   (02.08.19)
Bring these 'observers' to patrol the streets of Syria, Libanon, Afghanistan, Irak, Lybia, Jordan, etc.etc. as there is non stop friction.

Enough already with the UN interference in Israel.
4. Idealistic residents not hard-line settlers
Aviva ,   Teaneck   (02.08.19)
Hard line settlers? Do you mean the mostly women and children living under armed guards to preserve a Jewish community for all of us? Not hard-line, idealistic
5. Hebron is not in Israel
Phil   (02.09.19)
6. m
moishe   (02.09.19)
Israel should do to 'observers' what most other countries do. make problems, out you go.
7. what part of *t*emporary did the Useless Nations
not understand?
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