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Gantz was wrong on the Gaza war
Yossi Yehoshua
Published: 10.02.19, 23:28
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1. Ganz will be lucky
Steven ,   Rockvile MD USA   (02.11.19)
to be elected to the Knesset, but he can kiss the premiership on the basis what he has not done and what he said.
2. Move on
Dave cohen ,   Brijing   (02.11.19)
Gants us been the worst IDF Chief so far. He has zero qualifications in politics. Zero credits. Just minuses
3. the more we give the more they want; 2 state illusion!
jore ,   la   (02.11.19)
4. We need an Arik Sharon to show up & do the right thing...
WTF ,   USA   (02.10.19)
Starting with putting a dunce cap on Gantz and sending him to the back of the room.
5. It's totally irrelevant what Benny& Jets did or not in that
skirmish. BTW: it is up to the govt. to lay our the goals for the army, not the other way round.
The fact that Israeli governments have decided upon containment rather than victory and annihilation of Arab aspirations toward our state, is a testament of fossilized "Konceptzia", nothing else.
What really makes him unsuitable for any true political influence is the fact, that all he ever was, has been a "military man".
Would you even contemplate bringing a college graduate to run 'Hyundai' company??!
6. From kindergarten (IDF) to University? THAT's what you want
for this country?!
A (good or bad) ex-general that was used to taking orders (from a government) and barking them down the line to his underlings in khaki is suddenly being elevated to a politically savvy "Savior" (from "Bibi")???!!
Are you friggin' nuts?!
Probably not: people ARE stupid in large enough numbers, I'm afraid...
7. thank you yossi for clearly review the failures of gantz
jerzy   (02.11.19)
Israelis should not be romantic when they vote. gantz was anemic as chief of staff during the Gaza war. He is not the leader for Israel to face off Hezbollah, iran and hamas. forget about it. look at the facts.

bennett is the man.
8. Doesnt Matter the public will vote for him cause hes "cute"
NationalSuicide ,   Jerusalem Israel   (02.11.19)
Never underestimate the stupidity of any electorate
what Europe and the BDS failed to do the Israeli voter will do
for them and bring in another Post Zionist Government Oslo
TWO Horror "Peace Process" and millions will flee.....which was the goal of the Post
Zionists all along ....you see things are going to well economy foreign
relations etc etc etc so its time for the Israelis to self destruct
9. Yossi Yehoshua must be added to the list of our prophets
Alexander Scheiner ,   Israel   (02.11.19)
because of his retrospective knowledge. Kol hakavod.

For Zion

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