Report: Mossad helped smuggle Iranian nuclear scientist to Europe
Published: 10.02.19, 18:12
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1. i don't
des ,   lyon   (02.10.19)
believe this. if true why not just have him enter a US embassy somewhere and then be flown to the US by special plane ? doesn't make sense.
2. Humiliating Emperor ErdoGoon & the Dancing Mullahs
AlSheeber ,   Marinadelrey   (02.11.19)
Bragging about this story humiliates to porky Trukos & Iranis, is it necessary to detail who did what, where, how, when?
3. great
C   (02.10.19)
4. Israel's Mossad is embedded deep inside Iranian regime
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (02.11.19)
It has a clandestine station right in the heart of Tehran
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