Netanyahu vows to implement law to deduct terrorists' salaries
Kobi Nachshoni, Moran Azulay
Published: 10.02.19, 20:06
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1. That's it
Boaz   (02.11.19)
They won't be able to take 72 virgins out for dinner. No money and no houses. destroy them on the spot
2. How many times has he sold this Brooklyn Bridge already ?
ab   (02.10.19)
3. Incredible: NOW they think of it?! REALLY, this is MY govt.?
4. "Palestinians" murder us. We shower them with goodies!
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.11.19)
How could any sane person not understand the utter lunacy of Israel's treatment of our mortal "Palestinian" foes? They murder, maim, torment, boycott, demonize and harm us in every humanly possible way. Israel insanely responds by showering them with money, food, electricity, work permits, protection, materials etc. & BEGGING them for "peace talks". It is way past time for sanity to prevail in Israel. Israel needs to take lessons from China on how to treat our enemies.
5. So it takes elections, to start acting reasonably, eh Bibi?
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