Netherlands to allow Palestinians to list West Bank, Gaza as birthplaces
Published: 11.02.19, 10:26
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1. Bravo
Seamus ,   Baile Atha Cliath   (02.11.19)
well done Netherlands
2. Dutch Hyprocrites
Steven Gilbert ,   Teaneck   (02.11.19)
Arabs not only rejected the UN's 1948 Partition, the tried to ethnically cleanse the country by murdering all the Jews.

A better bet is for all those born in Amsterdam, the Hague, Rotterdam, etc. to list Morocco as their country of birth.
3. Strange way to rewrite history
betty ,   kfar saba   (02.11.19)
Between 1952-1967 the area they now call the west bank was Jordan.

Why rewrite history? Those born before 1967 were not born in "West Bank".
4. It was called Judea and summaria in 1948 Dutch Nazis
5. The Dutch know they're done, now they must protect their
remaining days as a free, Christian, European nation, until the last one turns off the lights and leaves (one way or another).
This will gradually happen all over Western Europe.
Britain has last chance now, by going through with Brexit.
The big question is: will they do it thus saving themselves from oblivion?
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