Opinion  Nahum Barnea
Fear and loathing in the Labor Party
Nahum Barnea
Published: 11.02.19, 13:04
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1. whilst....
Volvi   (02.11.19)
what you say makes sense, however I for one think personal pettiness and ambition for a seat will prevail and not the interest of the party or bloc. I would be pleased with their collective pettiness that brings both rotten houses down for good. They serve little good. Lapid/Gantz can take the reign of opposition.
2. Imbecile Barnea is mourns that traitors of Israel cannot win
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (02.11.19)
3. What center-left bloc? You're living in cuckoo-land, Barnie.
Jake   (02.11.19)
4. The CENTER will deliver what the voters want, we know that.
Michael ,   California, USA   (02.11.19)
I'll be glad to watch the Right and Left put aside for the future success of Israel.
5. On one hand, our tendency for self-inflicted wounds is not
to be disregarded, on the other: I strongly believe the Israeli voter has matured beyond the fallacies of "leftism", so it matters little what that sorry-ass Party does or chooses to do....
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