Top companies face UN blacklist over operations in settlements
Itamar Eichner
Published: 12.02.19, 11:49
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1. What about Kushner and Trump companies?
Sam ,   USA   (02.12.19)
They should be banned too.
2. UN blacklist has no meaning anymore
dorian s fund ,   tel aviv   (02.12.19)
The UN Human Rights Committee is dead.. It is make up of small thinkers who are not supportive of Israel and are one sided supporting Palestine.

Their threats are idle and the value in today's world is useless.

They sit on their high perches in the UN enjoying the American lifestyle issuing their ultimatums and threats. They have lowered the value of the United Nations in general and unfortunately the United Nations does very little to serve the world except spend a great deal of money.

I think it is time that the United Nations as it is today should be scrapped. We do not need over paid diplomats spending huge budgets to live in Manhattan apartments with staff and support systems. We need members at home in their own country using video chat and technology to communicate

We need open minded diplomats that want to serve for world peace and not their political demands.

Let's disband the United Nations and come up with something better..
3. Time to kick the UN out of the holy land #metoo
4. Time to get serious about defunding evil U.N.
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.12.19)
Like the Nazis, the U.N. is an evil Jew hating socialist organization which wants to rule the world. It does nothing but attack Israel, while plotting to rule the world through the globalist agenda and establishing a world government by 2030. Let us not ignore the danger of the U.N. as we ignored the Nazi menace till it was too late. It is time to get serious about defunding and destroying the evil U.N. Today, there are strong voices, in America, calling for the end of the U.N. Israel should join them.
5. misleading list
zionist forever   (02.12.19)
The Pals use Israeli banks, they travel on Israeli busses, their water is supplied by Mekorot, they watch TV provided by HOT, they have internet & phone services provided by Bezeq and are employed by Coca Cola.
The UN as usual does not take into account of reality when it comes to these things.
These companies are in Judea & Samaria to either provide the essential services that the Pals need or they are businesses who employ the Pals, they are not settlements or army outposts.
wesupport ,   NYC UYSA   (02.12.19)
Print the list. Publicize it in synagugues and newspapers and watch the counter-boycott movement support all of the listed companies. We can't bullied intro quiet submission. SUPPORT THE BOYCOTTED COMPANIES!!!
7. The fish squirm in their despotic reality,end the occupation
Ken   (02.12.19)
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