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'In a future Iran, Israel will once again be an ally'
Amir Bogen
Published: 12.02.19, 23:34
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1. 'In a free Iran...'
Israella   (02.13.19)
citizens should be able to freely elect their government and representatives. Replacing the current dictatorship with a monarchy is not the answer. When Iran is free Reza Pahlavi can return to Iran and enter politics if he wishes to do so, not as a royal, just as a citizen.
2. Empires rise and fall, obscure nations become world powers,
who'd thought, that primitive northern people of Europe would bring down the Roman Empire, or a bunch of bloodthirsty Mongols with arrows subdue "the world"?
Iran may yet be many things in future, right now it is a menace.
Fortunately still young enough to be straightened out with some adult discipline!
3. The United States, the United Kingdom and Iran.
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (02.13.19)
Apart from Reza Pahlavi, the sanctions against Iran, the US and the UK should apologize for their roles in overthrowing the Iranian government of Mohammed Mossadec in 1953. That was meddling/interfering in internal matters/affairs of another country, without direct danger to the US and UK. Also for supporting the undemocratic and dictatorial shah-regime, until 1979, when the islamic republic of Iran was founded. Not any independant and sovereign, with self-determination country wants meddling in internal, domestic and national affairs by another country/other countries or/and foreign organizations and people, without a legal and convincing evidence and reason..
4. Jews need Dictators and Kings to keep populations down
5. Burning Israeli flags: Poles don't do this.
but some Jews do.
6. these dumbs deserve the government they have.
ayatollahs   (02.22.19)
7. Be assured Jews love you since time of great King Kurush.
Alan ,   SA   (06.25.19)
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