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In Hebron, Palestinians patrol in place of foreign monitors
Associated Press
Published: 15.02.19, 13:54
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1. Time for HEBREWS to take charge in HEBRON!
2. Germany 1939, fascism raises it ugly head again, in Israel.
Ken   (02.15.19)
3. And will these Arab monitors record Arab-on-Jew violence?
David ,   Hartford USA   (02.15.19)
Or will their cameras just 'happen' to be off at those moments?
4. Why Israeli settler?
Boaz   (02.15.19)
Hebron was home to jews for many many years, long before the modern era PA. To remind you that the Hebron massacre of jews took place in 1929. So it has nothing to do with post 1967 claim of ownership. Jews were there even long before 1948
5. When you get people like Ken
Naor ,   Jerusalem   (02.15.19)
Spouting the usual "apartheid" or "fascist" word its better to completely ignore any remark they post.Only by paying attention to these people you give them legitimacy.
Ken is obviously not his real name- these types generally hide behind their lies -
Ignore them and they don't have an audience.
6. IDF should be expelled from Hebron because of bias
7. palestinian "monitors".
tiki ,   belgium   (02.16.19)
Will they observe & monitor PA violence against palestinian Arabs?


The only people they impress are themselves and some European idiots.
8. Naor, lies are told by those trying to hide the truth.
Ken   (02.16.19)
9. End the Arab occupation of Hevron.
Jake   (02.16.19)
How many more war crimes will be committed by Arabs against the Jews of Hevron before we end the Arab occupation?
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