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7 British MPs quit Labour over anti-Semitism, Brexit
Ynet, Reuters
Published: 18.02.19, 12:38
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1. 'institutionally anti-Semitic' party
joe ,   london   (02.18.19)
what about the many Palestinians flags waving at the Labour party conference last year what's the message
2. m
moishe   (02.18.19)
more non Jewish MPs should do the same if they has moral guts.
3. Main thing: Bibi singling out the hapless Poles for their
"mother's milk" antisemitism....:-))
Pathetic and not even remotely funny.
4. Where is that Jewish guy who always posts that there is no
Alan ,   SA   (02.19.19)
AntiJewism in the UK.
5. US Democratic Party is also being taken over by Anti Jewism
Alan ,   SA   (02.19.19)
6. Glory Hallelujah:Left 'coming out'Big Time both in the US&GB
7. Luciana Berger, well done
C   (02.19.19)
neither jews nor others should belong to an antisemitic party.

antisemitism is a threat not only to jews, but also to the
general population.

8. Jews are drawn to 'progressive'/Leftist ideologies like moth
to a flame...
So sad & unnecessary.
9. UK Labour Party
Ezra ,   London   (02.20.19)
When will everyone realise and accept that the UK Labour Party is racist and is in full process of ethnically cleansing itself of Jews. Their loss
10. Nobody thought USSR would fall apart. UK and USA are both
Alan ,   SA   (02.21.19)
on the road to dissolution. Does anyone think that the traditional Americans and Brits are happy with what is going on these days in their respective countries?People of other cultures and religions who have arrived in recent times demanding to call the shots.?
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