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Israel's rabbi for same-sex couples
Smadar Shir
Published: 24.02.19, 00:07
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And avoid snake-oil sales people.
2. LOL. And they wonder why they are unwelcome at the Kotel.
Jake   (02.24.19)
3. Religions exist only because some people believe God talked
to chosen folks and revealed His wisdom & Big Plan.
If you're inclined to believer such gibberish, then why the heck should you accept some modern tinkerers's changes/ "improvements"?!
It goes against the grain of religious dogma.
4. That's what happens
Moshe David ,   Switzerland   (02.24.19)
when you create your own religion instead of sticking to the Bible. A female rav, gay couples. Do teshuva and turn from your wicked way. From a goi with love
5. Why would you want to be an Orthodox? Be Reform or Secular!
Michael ,   California, USA   (02.24.19)
The best in my view is to be free of any religious dogma, free from even the most progressive gibberish.
6. The problem with this Rabbi is she does not know haShem or
Rivkah   (03.02.19)
the Torah and she does not believe it if she has read it. Unrepentant sinners go to hell, so she wants lots of company.
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