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Macron: Anti-Zionism is modern form of anti-Semitism
Associated Press
Published: 21.02.19, 10:14
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1. Pathetic....
Roy ,   Ct   (02.21.19)
Another attempt to curtail freedom of speech and liberties.... World seems to be moving away from democracy....
2. Anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (02.21.19)
Both are a form of hatred and crime against the Jewish people and Israel and humanity and humankind, which has to be punishable in any country.
3. Marching&holding hands while singing Marseillaise is not the
answer or remedy.
On the other hand, the sickness of Jew-hate is so prevailing on that continent, that the unfortunate saying Katz quoted recently, pinning it solely on the Poles: "they get it from their mother's milk" is accurate for Europe as a whole.
That's why indeed, the Poles are correct in demanding an apology.
Either that, or our PM should quote Itzhak Shamir, but direct it at everyone from Madrid to London, to Minsk and Moscow!
4. Israel requires from a Rabbi's Proof of Judaism letter.
Jesus ,   NYNY   (02.21.19)
5. Might add anti fascism and anti-occupation to the list
Ken   (02.21.19)
6. Israel bases it's "Law of Return" on religious myth.
Jesus ,   NYNY   (02.21.19)
It is required to present a letter from a Rabbi (not necessarily Orthodox) who knows you that you are Jewish. This has nothing to do with any physical genetic relationship to Jewish ancestry but is entirely religious based, as a recent convert can then emigrate legally to Israel.
7. Why does belief in Myth entitle any Jew to live in Israel?
NYNY   (02.21.19)
A convert to Judaism is accorded more rights to live in Israel than an Arab.
A convert to Judaism is entitled to live in Israel above a Jew who can trace his Jewish lineage back two hundred years but if he does not have a letter from a Rabbi who knows him he cannot live in Israel.
8. Just wait:soon everybody in the New Europe will be convinced
'Jews" are an imagined entity, that originated as Khazars and now want to gradually take over the World, starting with 'stealing' Palestinian lands, secretly running USA and Poland (that's what majority of Poles think anyway) and poised for a hostile , global takeover!
Sound too stupid& ridiculous?
Then you can be sure it will happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9. Sentiment appreciated, but misguided
Grateful for condemning anti-semitism, but this is not the way.

Anti-Zionism is a separate thing from anti-Semitism.

There are Jews along the spectrum from ultr-orthodox, to progressive secular, that are not Zionists. Whether one believes Moshiach has not come, we are not to immigrate, but to remain in exile, as G-d's word, or that the occupation, settlement building are values against Torah and Judaism, the State of Israel is a government, and supported by many a Christian Zionist, some wishing for our conversion.

So while the sentiment is appreciated, just as in the U.S., with its anti BDS laws that are against our constitution, the action is not apprecisred, and anti-semitism continues to rise.

10. We have an avalanche on our hands, haven't we Macron?!
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