UN MIdeast envoy warns risk of Israeli-Palestinian war looms large
Published: 21.02.19, 14:58
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1. Mladenov is utterly ignorant about the conflict
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (02.21.19)
2. Fool!!! Pals have been at war against Israel continuously
Steven Gilbert ,   Teaneck   (02.21.19)
since 1947 and earlier if you count the periodic massacres such Hebron 1929, etc.
3. Iran promoting war split Sunis Israel survival only concern
jore ,   la   (02.21.19)
4. Peace not possible by negotiations Pals reject Jewish state
Sam ,   Montreal   (02.21.19)
The only peace available is Israel clobbering the Palestinians every few years. Then the Palestinians reorganize for the next war. The UN can't do anything because Israel refuses to commit suicide which the UN has come to support and they are abetted by organizations like AP who don't report the truth just fake news.
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (02.21.19)
The money from the mullahs and the war profiteers drive this war. Palis are held to fight by force and not by choice. The charade would have been over right after 6 day war by now.
6. Cheeky intransigent Jews refuse to lie down and die!Humph.!
Alan ,   SA   (02.21.19)
If only they did that it would be problem solved.!!!
7. The UN and the wish for peace (in the Mideast)
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (02.21.19)
Before judging countries, the entire United Nations must stop being an undemocratic, dictatorial organization and become a democratic, just and good-functioning one, serving,protecting and defending all membership-countries and humankind and deserving the expensive contribution they get,since 1945, to reach security and peace. I wrote many times in "" about this subject, with ideas, alternatives and suggestions, to try to improve the UN, to become a useful and credible organization, for the benefit/interest of all of us.
8. $18Bl budget don't need help. If peace they loose all $$$$
jore ,   la   (02.21.19)
Other groups need UN help a lot more. This Mladenov is quick to jump against Israel. Typical EU lefty. Fake story to get Gantz support and scare people. War will come from Iran and money paid to PLO to fight. They are the instruments of Israel haters. They were Jordanians
9. wow, you, my friend, are alive and well
i am happy for you and your new found realism about the Useless Nation, a forum were dictators have a majority ans vote democratically. the one thing seemingly missing from your thinking: why is European style democracy so auperior to other form of government to justify your misguided and arrogant notion that democracy should replace other forms of governance and that will solve all the problems of the world?
10. UN Apparatchik says that? Well then: it must be a total lie!
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