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Lego builds future in Mideast as youth population booms
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Published: 23.02.19, 10:22
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1. Lego can sell them miniature beheading gallows
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (02.23.19)
This is the only education they want
2. "Development"& Islamic states: What's the bloody connection?
3. All these crafty Danes want is Muslim money; they know well
that the last thing, that can develop (translation: make more civilized) an Islamic mindset, is massive dosage of psychotropic medication.
4. I wonder if it's that smart, to hook up with Islamic Hell
right now?
Can't LEGO sell its products somewhere else and if not: why the hell expand ALL the time?
It's not as if anyone else is threatening them.
They're practically a monopoly in that narrow field.
Also: the owner-family & workers are secured for any foreseeable future.
How much money do you need to be happy& survive?
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