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Iran and the fine art of evading sanctions
The Media Line
Published: 23.02.19, 16:37
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1. The real reason
DSM ,   USA   (02.23.19)
Iran avoids sanctions due to the fear of militarily confronting them, something that should have been done by Israel and the U.S. years ago. Any other reason is just window dressing.
2. reduced to hustling to raising $ through artists
Cameron   (02.23.19)
Definitely has a desperate ring to it.

Keep that foot on their neck, Trump.
3. m
moishe   (02.24.19)
Iranians are very smart people. pity they can't use brains to create a great democratic economy that benefits the people rather than the gangsters that rule in the name of Islam. ps. the Economist claims that 150K young leave Iran every year. lots of foreign cities benefit. pity.
4. Irans 'Revolution' a lost cause
Tim ,   Brighton   (02.24.19)
With its economy disintegrating, youth unemployment estimated OVER 35%, runaway inflation, corruption rife and the huge costs of financing its military adventurism and proxy terrorist militias estimated at up to 40% of its GDP - yet despite all this, this fanatical and maniacal racist Shiast Nazi Regime claim Iranians have never been better off since the Revolution!

Just WHO are they kidding?
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