A 'savior' for the Land of Israel
Rabbi Yitzhak Levy
Published: 22.02.19, 09:17
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1. I weep for what was the Mafdal
Meir ,   N   (02.22.19)
As a devoted Zionist, I feel such shame over this dati leumi embrace of Kach. None of the rabbis’ tepid assurances can obscure that this is a complete abdication of our values and human decency.
FO ,   Belgium   (02.22.19)
Mrs. Shaked, do you want to succeed in the coming elections? Cease to consider the so called “West-Bank” as “disputed territories” as you did in an interview by Al Jazeera. I suppose you never read Jabotinsky’s article “The Ethics of the Iron Wall”. And you, Mr. Naftaly Bennett cease to brandish a coin of the Second Temple trying to convince e.g. Christiane Amanpour or others about Israel’s rightfulness. It is five minutes before midnight! Both of you, disclose in full urgency Israel’s rights in International Law, valid to this day, based on the Paris Peace Conference of 1919 (the definition of the “A Class Mandates”), the San Remo Conference of 1920, the League of Nations’ Palestine Mandate of 1922, and Article 80 of the in 1945 created United Nations Charter. Just a reminder, Article 80 reaffirming ALL League of Nations' resolutions was introduced in the UN Charter, by among another few people, Benzion Netanyahu, the actual PM’s father. Article 80 and the power of Res Judicata, renders ALL UNGA and UNSC anti-Israel resolutions null and void. Ever heard B. Netanyahu pronouncing Article 80? NEVER! Neither both of you, Mrs. Shaked and Mr. Bennett! Staying mute about UN Charter Article 80, is a betrayal of the Jewish people and the state of Israel!
3. Ynet should write about saving Israel from Gantz/Lapid
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (02.22.19)
4. Religious domination has ruined Israel.
Jesus Never Xisted ,   NYNY   (02.22.19)
Israel now more than ever is basing its future on religious myth. The Jewish people have almost zero genetic relationship with Jews who lived and died on the land two thousand years ago It was just religious mythology that connected Jews to the Levant. It is just incredible that a new nation forged by completely non-observant European Jews now requires a Proof of Judaism letter from a Rabbi who knows you just to live there.
5. While you're at it, ignore them all!
Vered, Israel   (02.22.19)
Vote Center - they're not ashamed of themselves. With a center-run gov't., the right can live as they wish (minus the law-breakers and welfare hogs), the left can live as they wish and the vast majority of Israelis - the center - can be represented again and live as we wish.
6. Just Ignore
Lorraine   (02.22.19)
Perhaps we should just ignore the comments of Louis Farrakhan in the US for the sake of forging national unity among all Americans.

Perhaps we should just ignore the comments of David Duke (of the American Nazi Party) for the sake of forging national unity among all Americans.

In other words--just ignore! Don't apply any principles. Give up principles for the sake of...what? And of course, "just-ignoring" is only for some--not all.
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