Netanyahu labels Gantz-Lapid union as 'party of left-wing generals posing as right wingers'
Associated Press, Itay Shikman, Moran Azulay
Published: 21.02.19, 21:46
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1. A new government with shaked where I would devote my energy
Tehraniporou   (02.21.19)
To her sexy black stockings every day. The rest is conversation
2. Economy BOOMING. The security BEST
Jo Diner   (02.21.19)
Bibi has been fantastic for Israel. The Economy BOOMING. The security BEST it's ever been in 15 years++ and Israelis still complaining? Bibi promotes Israel from far China sea to Africa tirelessly. He deserves the vote. Yours and Mine... as for Gantz...well Gantz Shvantz!
3. The real threat to Israel is from Netanyahu
Mark Jeffery Koch ,   Mount Laurel, NJ USA   (02.21.19)
Netanyahu will stop at nothing to become Prime Minister for life including aligning himself with vile racists and bigots. Israel's generals did not attain their rank simply thru staying in the IDF a long time. They earned their rank thru defending the State of Israel against its enemies.

I am sick and tired of hearing people on the right debasing, denigrating and belittling generals, former heads of the Mossad and Shin Bet, and many others who have devoted their lives to their nation simply because they disagree with Netanyahu.

A person has a right to question someone elses political views but you cross the line when you question their ability to keep Israel safe and secure.

We had a similiar disgusting occurrence happen in America when George Bush was running for reelection. He accused anyone who questioned the constitutionality of the Patriot Act as being disloyal to our country and in league with the terrorists who attacked the Pentagon and World Trade Center.

One of the persons they accused of this was running for reelection to the Senate from the State of Georgia. Max Cleland lost that race because of the disgraceful ads. Max Cleland fought in Vietnam and lost one arm and both legs. It is disgusting and sickening that Netanyahu tries to cast doubt on people who have devoted their lives to defending the State of Israel.
4. bibi - a right wing puppet
doda   (02.21.19)
5. Venezuela joins long list of states destroyed by leftists
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.22.19)
Venezuela, one of the most oil rich nations on earth, has joined the long list of states destroyed by leftists. The leftists gained power, as they normally do, through bribery. They promised free stuff. Once in power, the leftist moved swiftly to destroy their rich, beautiful land.

Donald Trump Junior tersely explained the difference between conservative lead nations and leftist ones. "Americans want to talk their dogs. Not eat their dogs". Trump was referring to the Venezuelan government's advice to starving citizens to eat their dogs!

All this misery begins in voting booths, when people allow themselves to be fooled by leftists. In Israel, the risks are even greater, because we are also confronted by "Palestinians" who make no secret of their desire to mass murder us all.
6. bibi
mike ,   seattle   (02.21.19)
I generally support Bibi and I hope he remains Prime Minister. However, I must say that his rhetoric is very decisive and unfortunate. It makes no sense to accuse former IDF generals, who spent their lives fighting for and risking their lives for Israel, of being weak on security or wanting endanger the lives of Israeli citizens. Also, since Israeli Arabs are Israeli citizens and vote, it makes no sense insult and alienate one fifth of the population of the country of which you are the prime minister. It makes no sense to call yourself "right wing" and accuse another party led by former generals of being "left wing." Bibi must try to unite the nation and be the prime minister of the whole nation, not just those who agree with him. He is insulting many of his own citizens. He is making the same mistake as Trump. Being overly devisive is unbecoming for a sitting prime minister.
7. Scare mongering tactics, usual Bibi
Avi L.   (02.22.19)
Scare mongering tactics, the usual Bibi

Bibi is no good for the Jews
8. Your madness is understandable!he is a loser of the election
mira ,   NATANYA   (02.22.19)
He is a loser of the elections that he was the promoter ..
9. The real motive is his own desperation
Disillusioned   (02.22.19)
Like any animal faced with a threat, he is sweating and frantically looking for a lifeline. He must, at all costs, have power and that is all that concerns him. It isn't for the country. It's for himself.

He's used this line for years, and it's become tired and meaningless. There is no "left" threat. The real threat faced by this country comes from neighbouring territories. He's forgotten that the people he's addressing in this ridiculous tone are all people who've fought the wars, faced the terror and, most of all, want in return nothing but a decent life.

But Bibi is not about the rank and file. He despises them, exploits them, has been pushing the majority of wage earners into a life of serfdom - as much as two thirds of them struggle on minimum wages! Their health service is a mess, their transport service is a mess, the gas money has gone to the tycoons.

And he sits there, looking down at them, surrounded by his champagne, cigars, free dog food, not even having to support his own lazy good for nothing son - that comes from the peasants' taxes.

He likes it where he is. It's his glory and reason for being. So far, he's had a good run, but the walls are closing in on him. He's been found out for the cheat and thief he is. His rule by fear is scaring fewer and fewer people. They're sick and tired of his obsession only with his own power. They're looking for a way out, and now they seem to have found it - and King Bibi can't have that.

So he goes back to his lexicon of "the commies are coming", the Arabs are rushing to the polls, the enemy is from within, barricade the doors.
And because that's not enough for everybody, he sinks to the level of a kindergarten by calling his opponents names, denigrating them as human beings, mocking even those who's parents built this country, and they themselves have fought for this country, risked their lives in the security services and who are no less patriotic.

But to a paranoid mind of a man gone crazy with his own power, everyone is the enemy. Every person who refuses to bring the demigod offerings is the enemy.

So he turns to the most fanatical, nasty, radical fringe and offers them cabinet posts that they will exploit to the fullest in order to create more hate and division, raise the risk of wars nobody wants anymore. But he cares about nothing but being top dog. But in the end, the bluff emerges, and nobody's listening to the babble anymore.

He's no longer all there, frankly. The people deserve more, and they deserve better. They're tired of fear. They want hope.
10. Why is PM Netanyahu slandering and demonizing
Alexander Scheiner ,   Israel   (02.22.19)
his political opponents?

Apparently he has no concrete arguments. His time and the time of his right extreme, bigott and suprematist flunkeys is over.

For Zion
11. The real theat to Israel is from genocidal Iran & its proxie
C   (02.22.19)
gantz knows nothing about diplomacy or politics. gantz is a general who
was not a very successful general.
yair lapid is not even a general. he has no competence to be prime
the opposition would sacrifice israel's security to defeat netanyahu.
12. Why topple most successful PM in nation's history?
Joel Stein   (02.22.19)
The Left's "wet dream" is that Bibi's replacement would achieve their delusional "peace": Act II to the suicidal Oslo accords that would reduce Israel to indefensible borders against genocidal enemies -- in short, a repeat of the Gaza "separation", but this time in the West Bank and 20 times more lethal!

Otherwise, why would anybody in his right mind want to topple the most successful PM in the nation's history who has done an impeccable job with Foreign Policy, the Economy, and National Security, just because you don't like his wife or he received some cigars as a gift, or that he tried to get some good press (which politician doesn't???); and replace him with a recently discharged general, full of hot air, with no political record except having ordered people around, that can hardly read a sentence in English, and no Foreign Policy or Economic experience whatsoever, just because he is 1.95 m. tall? ...

Has the country gone nuts???
13. The Bibi vote
Unfortunately, if you vote for him, you vote for that repugnant family of his. And i simply cannot stomach seeing or hearing about them.
14. One has to LOVE the photos Ynet has chosen for this article,
or rather: anti-Netanyahu propaganda piece!
15. the shameless right-wing populism of PM Netanyahu
Alexander Scheiner ,   Israel   (02.23.19)
and his mob is an embarassement for Israel. The people of Israel deserve better political leaders. We require a fresh wind. Blue & White!

For Zion
16. They're not "left-wing", they're: "ONLY NOT BIBI", devoid of
any common denominator, except their burning wish to send Netanyahu off, no matter how, no matter where to.
17. I vote for sexy Moran ! She will be an editor soon hopefully
Tehraniporou   (02.24.19)
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